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Do You Love 차도남?

차도남...what so many Korean men would love to be seen as...

차도남 (cha-do-nam) is an acronym that means "cold/cool city man."

차갑다 - to be Cool/Cold/Chilly/Icy


도시 - City


남자 - Man


They should look busy, unemotional, unfazed, and chic at all times.

Who do you think fits the style of a 차도남?

Does that sound appealing to you?

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I think rapping Yoongi is a 차도남 ... but definitely not off stage Yoongi ~ he's too cuddly and cute
a year ago·Reply
Kris! Kris! Kris!
a year ago·Reply
@inuyashagal ,that's Jang Keun-Suk, he was also like that in Love Rain but a total hobo in Mary stayed out all night. you should check them out too.
a year ago·Reply
I think Lee Minho in city hunter, personal taste
a year ago·Reply
Top and Zico
a year ago·Reply