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Doo Joon you know I don't really like getting up early but only for you
Well 'scuse me for not being the most glamorous in the mornings mister!
cue hyperventilating again!
1- I don't think you can pick me up Hyunseung 2- not cool dude!
Nah-ah you can't fool me Hyunseung I will get revenge!
Sweet Seobie baby thank u
Of course you did you big child ahaha!
*huff* we worked hard on that you butt! you're lucky I love you...
ok forgiven lol
oh wow I don't know what to say Joon!! Um so sudden. We can give it a try!
Or not lol... Dang you giant baby man coming in outta nowhere! It was really fun @choijiah thanks for the game~
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hahaha Woonie falls out of the sky and gets the girl