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Ch. 9
Takuya’s in his room making sure he’s getting his books together for class the next day when his phone rings.
“Yes.” Takuya said into the receiver.
“Look out your window.” Shin said. Takuya smiles and walks over to his window and opens it. Takuya finds a smiling Shin wearing a monkey pj outfit. Takuya can’t control his laughter.
“Why in the world would you wear that?” Takuya asks. Shin smiles.
“Why else to make you laugh. I love your laugh and smile.” Shin replies.
“I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Goodnight Monkey boy.” Takuya said as he hangs up his phone. Shin waves before plopping himself on his bed.
Takuya’s phone rings again without looking he answers.
“I told you to go to sleep.” Takuya repeats himself. But there’s no answer. Only silence and then it hangs up. Takuya looks confused and looks at the window again. He doesn’t see Shin standing by it. So he looks down at his phone and looks at the number that just called him.
“Unknown number?” Takuya said to himself. Takuya just shoves it off as a wrong number and finishes preparing his things for school and then going to bed.
“Good morning babe.” Shin said as he presses Takuya against his door and gives him a passionate kiss. Takuya wraps his arms around Shin pulling him close. Shin’s feeling Takuya’s body up and down, his hands sliding up under his uniform. Takuya reaches to stop Shin and pulls away from the kiss.
“We continue we’ll be late for school.” Takuya said. Shin pouts.
“Fine, but just one more kiss” Shin asks with a smile and batting his eyes. Takuya just smiles and nods his head. Shin is happy and kisses Takuya again.
“You want to go see a movie tonight?” Shin asks. Takuya finishes his lunch.
“Actually I have plans with a friend and my mother tonight for dinner so. I’ll be staying home tonight.” Takuya explains. Shin nods his head.
“Oh, who’s the friend?” Shin asks with a curious look on his face.
“Miss. Kim. Remember I told you she was my friend in Japan. She wants to see my mother and catch up.” Takuya explains. Shin feels better that it’s the teacher and not some random guy he doesn’t know.
Shin’s phone vibrates in his pocket. He grabs it, it’s Seyoung.
“Hey bro what’s going on?” Shin speaks into the receiver.
“Not much I was just wondering what your plans are for tonight?” Seyoung asks.
“I was going to go out on a date, but my date had other plans so I’m solo tonight. You wanna hang out?” Shin asked.
“Great, sounds good, let’s do that, can Yongseok come too?” Seyoung asks. Shin chuckled.
“Yeah whatever.” Shin said as he ended the call.
“Who was that.” Takuya asked.
“It’s just Seyoung he wants me to chaperone his date with Yongseok.” Shin replied.
“Oh, wait you knew?” Takuya asked.
“I’ve always known that Seyoung was gay and I knew he had a crush on my brother. I guess he’s going to test Yongseok’s feelings tonight.” Shin admitted.
“I hope it goes well, for both of them. I think Yongseok is in for a surprise.” Takuya said. “Now I wish I was hanging out with you instead of spending the night with women who will just nag me all night.” Takuya continued and gave a pouty face. Shin nods in agreement.
“Well, I’ll let you get going then.” Takuya said
“Call me if you need me, I’ll come running okay.” Shin said before giving Takuya one last kiss before turning and heading to his house to get ready.
Shin walks into his house; he sees Yongseok at the kitchen table drinking some water.
“Hey bro, Takuya is skipping out on our date for mother time. Come out with me and Seyoung.” Yongseok head shoots up a small smile crossing his face. He quickly hides it.
“Yeah sure I guess, since I don’t have anything better to do.” Yongseok gets up from his seat and heads to his room to get ready. Shin just smiles and shakes his head following to his room to get himself ready.
Shin and Yongseok are about to open the door to leave the house when Seyoung smiles at them.
“Hey guys perfect timing.” Seyoung says as he looks at Yongseok up and down.
“Yeah, so what’s the plan man?” Shin asked.
“I thought we’d go to this new club. I need to let off some steam.” Seyoung said as the boys walked to Seyoung’s car.
“Sweet that sounds good man.” Shin said as they got into the car and headed to the bar. After about 30 minutes they arrive and the place is crazy with people dancing.
“I haven’t been to a club in months.” Shin said. Seyoung wraps his arm around Shin’s shoulders.
“Then let’s have fun.” Seyoung says to Shin with a wink. The boys head to a VIP room, where Seyoung’s friend had already prepared with some alcohol. Yongseok sits on the couch, Seyoung sits next to him.
“Here, you look nervous. This will relax you.” Seyoung said as he hands Yongseok a beer. Shin is standing at the balcony of the VIP room. Being here is bringing memories back of when he first met Takuya and he’s wearing a smile on his face.
“Yo, you wanna go to the dance floor?” Seyoung asked Shin. Shin nodded.
“What about you Yongseok you ready to shake your sexy ass?” Shin joked. Yongseok shook his head, he wasn’t ready to dance yet. Shin and Seyoung just shrug their shoulders and walk out on the dance floor.
Yongseok watches his brother and Seyoung, but mostly Seyoung. Yongseok is already on his fourth beer when Shin and Seyoung come back to the VIP room. Shin and Seyoung are all cozy with talking and Yongseok is irritated by it.
“I’ll be right back.” Shin said and he walked out of the room. Seyoung plops down by Yongseok.
“When man, it’s crazy fun out there, are you ready to dance?” Seyoung asks. Yongseok leans into him looking in the eyes. Seyoung can smell the alcohol.
“How much did you drink Yongseok?” Seyoung asked. Yongseok looks at the table and then at his hand. Yongseok holds up his hand.
“Five beers?” Seyoung asks in surprise. Seyoung tries to take the bottle away from Yongseok, and instead he falls on top of him and their lips meet.
“And shots of that in between.” Yongseok points to the vodka and shot glass next to it. Seyoung is surprised.
Yongseok wraps his arms around Seyoung pulling him closer, but Seyoung is trying to pull away. Once he breaks free from Yongseok.
“You know I would really love to kiss you, to hold you, more importantly to date you. But your drunk you won’t even remember this tomorrow.” Seyoung stands up and is about to walk away. When Yongseok wraps his arms around his waist, placing his head on Seyoung’s shoulder and whispering in his ear.
“I love you, I won’t forget. I’ll prove to you.” Yongseok said slurring ever other word. Seyoung’s eyes grow wide in shock at Yongseok’s confession. Seyoung turns around looking at Yongseok who looks like he’s about to throw up or pass out.
“Fine prove it to me when your sober.” Seyoung said, and Yongseok nods his head and bows but fails when he lands on his face.
Shin walks back into the room Seyoung is helping Yongseok up.
“What happened did he drink too much?” Shin walks over to Seyoung and helps Yongseok up.
“Yeah just a little bit.” Seyoung confirms. They help Yongseok to Seyoung’s car.
“I’ll drive you take care of him okay.” Shin said to Seyoung, he nodded his head in reply.
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who called him!!!was it the girl he was supposed to have dinner with?