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Gikwang you know just how to make a girl happy!
Bet I whoop your butt Seobie ^^
Lol so you brought drinks too? Why didn't you say so sooner? Alright let's party!
Do you ever leave my apartment?
Obviously Seobie
Well the Gikwang brought food Seobie brought drinks get up and get something lazy Joon~
At least you helped I can forgive your complaining now love
what the heck you always pop up at the most inconvenient times Junhyung! You seriously expect me to sit next to you watching a movie and be able to focus?!
Aww I'll give you a blanky for protection lol
that's what you get tough boy
So sweet thanks Dongwoon! Love you~ Ahh I think this one was my favorite so far @choijiah it was so funny for me! loving the games thanks~