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"Ok so should we do girls against guys?" I asked "Is that fair?" Jenni said "Well....we might be better than them." I stated "Well lets play one round and see if we want to change it up." Junior said "Ok that sounds like a plan" Mark chimed in. We played the first round boys vs girls. "Ok we suck compared to them!" Jenni said "Yea we need to change it up." "Ok well who goes with who?" Mark asked. "I'm with Junior and Jenni is with you Mark" I smiled turning to Jenni who was now looking anywhere but at Mark. "Ok!" Mark said and we switched sides. "Jenni is so flustered" I laughed to Junior. "I can tell, is she normally like this?" He asked "Nope this is the first time and it's priceless." "I wonder how this will play out." Junior said. I was looking at Jenni and Mark and they really weren't talking much. They would say something and then the other would respond fast and that would be it. After the second round it was a better game since now it seemed fair. We ended up switching one more time so I was with Mark and Jenni was with Junior. "So what do you think of Jenni?" "Shes cool." Mark said going to grab his ball. "That's it?" "What do you want me to say?" "I don't know anything more descriptive." "Well we are having trouble talking, I want to get to know her though she seems...." He stopped talking when we heard Jenni giggling and we turned to her and that's when I saw it, Mark seemed a little mad. Or shall I say jealous. "Hey don't worry she's just comfortable with Junior Cuz she doesn't like him and she never will knowing what she knows." He turned to look at me. "What's that?" "Oh you know that she can't have Junior so it just makes it easier to talk to him since she doesn't have to try to get him to like her." "Are you saying she is shy around me because she wants me to like her?" "Yup that's it." Then he threw his ball and we ended up not talking for a while as he thought about what I told him. After the third and final game we decided it was time to go. We all were hungry so we decided to go out for some food. Sadly the night came to an end and we were getting ready to leave when Jenni somehow ended up tripping over herself. she caught herself. "I'm good, I do it to make sure I'm still fully aware of what's around me." She said "Are you sure?" Mark asked with concern. "Yea I'm good." She said and took a few steps and tripped again and started falling forward. She almost hit the ground but Mark caught her. They were so close. I pulled Junior to the other side of the car to give them privacy. "Hey can I ask what you do?" I said leaning up against the car. "I'm in a boy group." He said standing next to me. "Oh are you popular?" "Not yet but we will be soon." "I like that confidence." We both ended up laughing. "Yea I hope we can still hangout even if I'm famous." "Of course." I smiled at that. Jenni's POV He was too close. I could feel his breath on my face, hell I could see his face right in front of me. "Are you ok?" He really wanted to make sure I was fine. "Yeah thanks to you. Thank you for saving me." I smiled and pushed off of him to seperate us. "Ok that's it we need to exchange numbers."He held out his phone and I grabbed my phone and did the same. We quickly exchanged numbers and then I went to go find (y/n) she was no where to be found. Oh crap she left me with this sexy man!!!!! I Started to walk away to try to go find her. Which he realized i was doing and he saw that my face was flustered. "(y/n)"I yelled hoping to get her to show up. Lucky me she did. "What's up?" She said walking out from the other side of the car. "Can we head out now?" "Sure" She smiled.
so what do you think? I might have to re go through this. Anyone want to be tagged or untagged let me know
@drummergirl691 Yea it was but I'm working on the next chapter now to make it longer...the question is will vingle let me upload it tonight....we will see
I felt like this chapter was a little on the short side, but it was still so much fun to read.
@SarahVanDorn you torture me with that knowledge 😢 that's okay I deserve it. I did it constantly lol
@SweetDuella Yea he jumped quick right lol....but I can't tell you what mark is thinking mwahahaha
omg love it. thank you thank you!! and of course Jenni a klutz and then they must exchange numbers 😆
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