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This is a collaboration story that switches between both @SarahVanDorn and myself! We had this idea one night that we would just end up finishing each other’s stories since we were waiting to see what happened and than all of a sudden an idea formed that, yea, why not just finish were the other lets off.
So thus this story is formed.
Somehow I am the one to start it, Jk jk, I’m excited to start it and I get to use the idea of radio show in it! Great reason to meet famous people!

This part is introduction to the girls and the job so the boys haven't entered in yet. Wanted to say it before and after the chapter so your all aware!
“I’m late, I’m late, Oh gosh I’m late” She repeated as she ran down the street. At the edge of the corner she made a quick turn and ran straight for her building. Barely making it in the doors as her cell phone rang. “I'm here I’m here” She said answering.
“Jenni come on we’re almost on air” Her best friend Sarah said over the phone.
“I”m getting on the elevator I’ll see you in just a moment” Jenni said before hanging up.
A crowd followed onto the elevator with her. She squeezed into the front corner and held the coffee cup tray over the head of the person in front of her hoping they wouldn’t fall.
Jenni got off at the third floor and made her way to her station, Sarah was already there, headphones in place.
“Your live!” Someone said as she entered the glassed in studio.
“So close” Jenni said as she put one tray on the counter for the two of them manning the controls and than she went into the room just as Sarah started to talk.
“Welcome welcome at last we're back in your ear ringing away! Were bringing the beat down with some new jams that just started up” Sarah said into her mic. “This is Diamond chatting in your ear!” She pointed at Jenni as she grabbed the mic not bothering with the headphones yet.
“And this is Ruby here Ranting and raving! You guys are in for a treat today cause later this afternoon we got some special people heading our way to talk to us and answer a few questions.” She said taking a seat letting the chair swivel around with momentum.
“Now let’s listen to the top song of the morning!” Sarah said as she pressed a button than pulled her headset off.
“At least you brought coffee this time round!” She said picking up a cup.
“Why I was running late, They kept messing up the order in front of me and it took them ten minutes to get it right” Jenni said even as she got situated. “By the by, who we got as a special guest today?” she asked.
“Some local band. I hear that sometime this week we get a big name band in here. That should be exciting!” Sarah said.
“That’ll be cool” Jenni nodded.
“You situated?” She asked.
“Yup, what are we talking about today?” Jenni asked.
“I was thinking upbeat!” Sarah said.
“Makes sense, yesterday we went dark and twisted” Jenni nodded.
“How about rainbows and puppies?” Sarah laughed. “Oh we are on!”
“Oh relationships!” Jenni said making both of them laugh.
“Neither one of us are in a relationship, what can we say about it?” Sarah said as she lifted the switch to make us live.
“So Diamond we were just listening to Lucky one by Exo. That is an amazing song. I’ve heard people are saying that it’s the fans that are the lucky one’s to be able to see the video that came out. “ Jenni said.
“Well Ruby I got to agree I mean do you see the way they move, I would faint if I saw that in person” Sarah said.
“Oh no, see I would faint if they appeared in front of me period. I mean come on who's with me on that note?” Jenni flipped a switch for cheering.
“I never said I wouldn’t faint from just seeing them but come on if they did those hip thrusts in my face I would be a puddle” Sarah laughed.
“Speaking of Lucky one, have you gotten the cd yet? I know you wanted some of those pictures. I hear they are h-o-t in them” Jenni remarked.
“Well what about Monster Oh gosh that look kai gives in it is amazing” Diamond gushed. “I hope anyone who has gotten the chance to listen to it died just as much as we did.”
“Wait wait while we're on this are we getting people's hopes up in saying they are our special guests? Because if that’s the case I think I'm going to be fanning myself this entire time and hoping they don’t speak directly at me. I don’t know if I can handle it” Jenni questioned even knowing the answer, it made Sarah laugh.
“Sadly no. We are actually introducing a new group that just got off the streets, the makane is only fifteen how unbelievable is that, the dedication the guy shows is amazing!” Sarah said.
“Oh diamond, that is too young for us, come on do better who's the oldest in the group?” Jenni asked. Sarah had to look at her notes.
“He is nineteen. Is that old enough for you?” Diamond asked.
“Awe, they just got to be so young, at least we’ll all get to see them grow up!” Jenni laughed. “We have, oh is this right? The name of the band is Drift style. How sweet it that!” Jenni remarked reading the paper in front of her. ‘You know it makes me think of the style of driving, or that movie Tokyo drift.” Jenni gushed.
“You and your vin diesel addiction” Sarah laughed.
“What he is a good actor, you have to agree” Jenni said. “Plus he’s hot!”
“Hey Ruby, do you still play with cars?” Sarah asked than laughed.
“Hey, I never played with cars, having races with other people while driving is not playing! But I know what you're getting at and no, I suck at drag racing and Drifting. Oh I wonder if that’s how they got their name, they drift. We should ask, anyone else interested in knowing how they got their name?” Jenni questioned and let another cheer go out.
“Should we open up to calls and see what people have to say?” Sarah asked.
“Sure, we can do that! It’s better than just talking to you!” Jenni said just as she threw papers at her. “Oh hey no throwing things,, guys she just threw her papers at me” She laughed. “Although they totally didn’t even reach me they just flew around. I'm not picking them up for you!”
“That’s okay, I hope you get a paper cut with all your papers!” Sarah shouted which made the caller laugh.
“No Ruby don’t hurt yourself, that wouldn’t be good!” The woman on the phone said.
“Awe your so sweet! See someone cares about me” Jenni said. “What's your name Doll? Or should I just continue calling you that today?”
“You can call me Doll” The caller said. “I was calling to say how much I love your show and the commentary you two give out about the music you play!” she commented.
“Thanks, I love it too!” Jenni laughed. “I feel as if you guys are just listening to us having a conversation and than join in! I love that part” Jenni said.
“I was going to say I totally agree with you that I would faint if I met anyone from Exo. Kai is my bias, and the monster video confirmed his place!” Doll said. “Who is your bias in the group?” she asked.
“Chanyeol!” Sarah said.
“Oh Diamond, we talked about this, we can’t have the same bias” Jenni laughed.
“Than change yours” Sarah said making the caller laugh.
“Okay sure, Doll can I share the same Bias as you. Kai killed me in the video does that classify him as my favorite or what?” Jenni said.
“We can share I’m willing!” the caller said making both Sarah and Jenni laugh.
“Well thank you. I appreciate someone is willing to share!” Jenni said.
“Question do you know when your special guest is coming on air?” the caller asked.
“Yes, they will be coming on air about one o’clock” Jenni said looking at her sheet. “Are you excited for them?” She asked.
“I’ve heard a song by them and am always willing to listen to new groups!” she sounded excited.
“So Doll, do you have a request for a song you want us to play?” Sarah asked.
“I’m glad you asked Diamond. I was wondering if you could play BTS next, Save me” The caller asked.
“Oh that is my all time favorite song by them. I’m willing I’m willing!” Sarah said. “We hope to hear from you later to ask a couple questions to the group!”
Little view of what the studio look like or similar I should say!
After that they took a few other callers and song requests and made small talk about random things before the group came in at one. When they did Diamond greeted them and was shocked that there was only four of them, they bowed as they said hello than took seats. Two members sat next to each of them, one on either side so that they could share mic’s.
“So can each of you introduce yourself so that our listener’s know who you are” Jenni said.
“I’m Young-Mi” The first guy with platinum hair next to Sarah said.
“Sunchan” The Makane sitting next to Jenni said. He had blonde curls covering his head and face.
“I go by Chin Hae” He was the oldest at age nineteen and had black hair. He sat next to Sarah.
“And I am the leader Ramon” The last one sitting next to Jenni. He also had black hair and from the bio he was eighteen
“Guys, guys I am blessed to be sitting in between the Makane and the leader!” Jenni exclaimed making everyone in the room laugh. “Although I seriously thought the oldest one would be the leader, How did it get decided that you were the leader Ramon?” She turned to look at him.
“I became leader because I’m the responsible one in the group” he said making someone chuckle.
“That’s not it, you brought us all together” Yong-Mi answered.
“That is pretty cool, so you were all friends before?” Sarah asked.
“No Sunchan and me were friends and Chin Hae and Ramon were friends. Ramon met Sunchan in his dance class” Yong-Mi explained.
“So than you all got together. Omo you guys all dance too?” Sarah questioned. “That is awesome, after this I may have to see some moves” she added.
“Calm it down Diamond. They are too young for you” Jenni laughed.
“Awe come on Ruby! They are just so cute” Sarah grinned.
“So why don’t you each tell us a little about yourselves” Jenni said changing gears.
For the next fifteen minutes they went around the room listening to little tidbits about each boy. They each danced and were fond of playing instruments but deciding between the two to do they all preferred to dance. Once they were done talking a few calls got answered and questions were asked. By the end of the show it was around two o’clock and close to the end of their showing until six.
“Okay I hate to wrap this up but I think these boys are getting a little tired of sitting here with us” Sarah said.
“No no, Diamond we are okay!” Sunchan said making her laugh.
“Well I have one, no two questions and I think after one of them you may just want to avoid me at all costs” Jenni said laughing.
This was now in her script. She had to ask each of them if they had dated or were dating someone. It was in just about every questionnaire they needed to comply to.
“Oh no,” Chin Hae laughed.
“Ruby you can’t ask their underwear-”
“Don’t you dare finish. They are innocent boys, you can’t taint their ears!” Jenni cut Sarah off before she could finish. She knew where they were going.
“I was going to say underwear color!” Sarah said making the boys laugh.
“Oh no, no we can’t” Jenni snuck a peek at the leader sitting next to her to see her had a straight face on but when she peeked at Sunchan his face was red as a balloon. She needed to get off that subject.
“I don’t want to know. I’m innocent! My mind can’t do it!” Jenni said. “What can get my mind off it?” She said.
“Fine, fine, what about asking why they named their band Drift Style?” Sarah questioned rolling her eyes. She could see the looks on the boys faces and knew she couldn’t cross the line with them either.
“I think I can best answer it” Ramon spoke up.
“OKay leader give us the goods” Sarah said.
“Our group is named Drift style because through life we feel as if were are just going along with it and slowly feeling as if we were drifting apart from our other friends when we started. It’s not the best story to go along but it turned into something to remind us that we shouldn’t drift apart from each other” Ramon explained.
“Omo, that is so sweet! I mean sad that you ended up losing other friends but the fact that you want to remain together that’s amazing!” Sarah said.
“Thanks Diamond. We hope never to lose each other!” Sunchan exclaimed.
“If that is the question that will drive us away. It didn’t work!” Yong-Mi spoke up.
“Oh no, no that was an easy question. Nope” Jenni shook her head! “I was going to ask if any of you were seeing someone?” She put it out there. They all looked at her.
“He’s too young, why would you think he is!” Sarah said pointing to Sunchan. He was blushing.
“To answer, no none of us are seeing anyone or have seen anyone. We work to hard to get where we are today and never wanted to complicate it!” Ramon answered.
“Yey, you are loyal to your fan’s now!” Sarah said. “So in honor of having you all here would you sing a song for us?” She asked.
They complied and sang a song, one of their newest ones. After they were finished Jenni said they would be playing Drift style music for the next hour and than they were off air.
“It was a pleasure meeting you all” Sarah said.
“Thank you Diamond and Ruby for having us.” Ramon said. Jenni had realized that he did a lot of the talking, which was probably why he was the leader.
“IT was our treat to have you here” Sarah said.
They left shortly after leaving Sarah and Jenni on there own.
“You want food?” She asked.
“I”m starving” Jenni said. “Let’s do meat! I want Bulgogi” she added making Sarah laugh.
“Sounds good” Sarah said. They left the office and went to grab food.

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. It’s a little bit of introductory to the job the girls have. They are a radio talk show where they talk randomly and make commentary as well as meet different bands, from newly formed ones to veterans so there may be appearances from different groups throughout but outside of the job they focus on certain people and as you can tell from the title it has to do with BTS.

So I hope you guys like it and look forward to what Sarah will put up next! Balls in her court! lol

If you liked the other BTS story I've written you'll probably enjoy this one as well! It's a bit goofy.

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@Saeda1320 Not stupid to question that. Drift Style is made up. I didn't want to use a real band so tried to come up with a cool and interesting name.
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lol its funny I had to go back and reread the whole chapter. my gosh I hadn't remembered lol I came up with a really good band name, I'm with you I wish they existed, heh think I based them off astro tho
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