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Mystery Boy Group Reveals More!

As I mentioned earlier, this group hasn't announced their name, or really anything.

All the work has been done by the boys themselves, promoting via Instagram.
Click HERE to see previous profiles and their Instagram links!

I found some new official photos and pre-debut videos to share with you guys plus some awesome dance clips at the end!


Slide right to see a recent video of Gitaek's angel voice




Slide right to see a pre-debut dance video of Jin (he's in the white shirt with black vest)


Slide right to see a pre-debut dance video of PK (he's in the middle with blonde hair)


Slide right to see a dance video of Rayoon and Gitaek (Rayoon in the white)


I can't WAIT to see what they come up with because they have such sweet vocalist (Gitaek) but their dancing is FIERCE.

Here they are covering Monster by EXO!

Tagging all my lovelies~ let me know if you'd like updates on this group too!
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I'm already a fan and I just found out about them today.
a year agoReply
馃槯 the excitement is getting to me. I'm so ready for this debut! More men to love, yay!
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They're hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
a year agoReply
Ugh. I'm so ready for them to debut already and I didn't even find out about them until your previous card. I can already tell I'm going to have a hard time picking a bias in this group...
a year agoReply
@sabriWOLF619 @MugdhaMahajan sorry didnt tag you but now you're on the list!!!!
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