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Even though I read a lot, I've found that I often forget the names & authors of books I have read. Or, I forget the plot because it wasn't something that lingered with me enough to be remembered long term.
So, I've been thinking about starting a reading journal & a book tracker. This way, I can keep track of all the books I want to read as well as the books I have read. I know there are many tools like Goodreads & I make a lot of lists or shelves of things I want to read both there and on my library's website, but they're scattered and disorganized! I really think putting things into a journal / writing will help me.
I think if I did this, I would skip buying a commercially sold "book journal" and instead buy a journal or planner that has rings so I can add more pages as needed! I found this video of a woman who has both a book journal and a reading log, and while I think I could condense it to one journal for the time being, I love how she's organized things.
She has a few different sections:
- Read in current year
- To read in current year
- Both lists for previous
- Journal entries about books read organized alphabetically
- Reading challenge lists
I think I might try this method out!! But I would add a section for quotes & passages I like along with the journal entry, I think, for the books I want to record particular sections.

So I want to ask, how do you all organize your reading?

Or do you not worry about it? For a long time, I didn't care about tracking any of my reading, just enjoying it, but as time has gone on I wished I had tracked things so I could revisit favorite quotes & passages more easily. I hope to do that soon!
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@Animaniafreak Yes definitely! I think journals and planners really help some people to motivate them to accomplish more so they can put it into the journal, you know?
@JessicaChaney That's a good way to start it - when it helps you out, and then it might just become a habit!!
@deilig more reasons to keep a reading journal :)
@timeturnerjones DAM I MEANT YAY
@arnelli That's okay :) some people can do it that way!
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