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Casually scrolling through the Soompi app, and I read this:
VIXX is currently in preparations for their third solo concert in August. “I heard that all the tickets had been sold out,” Hyuk said. “Unfortunately, due to schedules I couldn’t try and get tickets myself. But I’m grateful to all of you.”
Now here is the part that really got me:
Finally, he teased the group’s next comeback by saying, “We’re going to reveal the second album in our ‘Conception’ series at the concert. We’re currently recording songs for the new album.”
Hold up second..........this may possibly bring up some things. For a long time Vixx was hitting it real hard with the overseas promotions. Going to Japan and China, planning events, Mata Hari involved some overseas travel, you get what I mean. I was under the impression they would continue that, but all of a sudden they kind of just stopped. They released Hana Kaze (beautiful by the way!) but they haven't done nearly as many promotions for it as they did with Depend on Me or any of the other Japan releases. It makes a lot of sense to stop doing that as often if they are well underway preparing the second album. There have also been some hair changes recently *coughLEOcoughcough* that happened without much of a reason.

Does this mean that we may get to see some new Conception things soon?

I hope so!!! I love my boys!!! Leo!!!!!!! I hope they come to the states again!!!!
I'm still reeling from the last comeback but I'm super excited!!!