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Does Love Have Labels?

No, I'm not trying to troll you with JOOOHHHNNN CENNNAAAA.

He just made a really awesome ad with the AdCouncil for a project called "Love Has No Labels."

He talks about what patriotism really is, and I think it is explained really well.

You can check out some gif sets of the ad or scroll to the bottom and watch the whole thing :)

Watch the full video here:

What do you think of this definition of patriotism and love for your country?

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@littlemaryk Hiii!!! I knooow! I had to go awol for a little while! I'm sorry! >_< I'm okay now, though! You? I'm happy to be back around. <3
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Damn that was a bomb ass speech
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I feel you, no worries. I'm just glad you are okay now and back! :) @ButterflyBlu
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of course yed
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