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Does Love Have Labels?

No, I'm not trying to troll you with JOOOHHHNNN CENNNAAAA.

He just made a really awesome ad with the AdCouncil for a project called "Love Has No Labels."

He talks about what patriotism really is, and I think it is explained really well.

You can check out some gif sets of the ad or scroll to the bottom and watch the whole thing :)

Watch the full video here:

What do you think of this definition of patriotism and love for your country?

Man this ruled. "Remember to love america means to love all americans, cause love has no labels" what a beautiful ending. I got emotional when the video footage of the people started rolling. It's about time we give high fives instead of putting one another down for any differences. We could use more compassion and sympathy among us and less of this us vs them complex. United we stand divided we fall.
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I loved the ad. I think it's about way more than patriotism, but I get the point that's being made. To answer your question, @sophiamor, this is how love is supposed to be...period. No labels. No conditions. No ifs, ands, or buts. Whether loving big (patriotism) or small (one-on-one relationships) love is supposed to be a limitless and freeing experience, not a close-minded box of labels. 💜☺️
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@littlemaryk Hiii!!! I knooow! I had to go awol for a little while! I'm sorry! >_< I'm okay now, though! You? I'm happy to be back around. <3
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well said
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@ButterflyBlu !!!!!!! it's been soooo long, how are you? Also I just love that ---> "love is supposed to be a limitless and freeing experience, not a close-minded box of labels."
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