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The 1975 recently dropped their most recent single and, like many of their songs, its about the dark side of love.

Its about the pain, the inevitable break up, the uneasy feelings and doubt associated with romance.

Below I've included four songs that touch on that wreckless dark side of love.

Somebody Else

"I don't want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You're intertwining your soul with somebody else"

The Sound

"Well I know when you're around cause I know the sound
I know the sound, of your heart. I don't regret it but I'm glad that we're through
So don't you tell me that you 'just don't get it'
Cause I know you do."


"I know you're looking for salvation in the secular age
But girl I'm not your savior.
They're just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can't be what you need if she's seventeen
They're just girls."


"She said we're dressed in black, from head to toe, with guns hidden under our petticoats
No we're never gunna' quit it, no we're never gunna' quit it no
Hey now we're building up speed as we're approaching the hill
Oh my hair smells like chocolate"
Ohhh I love The 1975 so much. "A Change of Heart" is one is those songs that makes me think about every failed relationship I've ever had...and all the horrible things we said to each other along the way. It might be my favorite song of theirs. Or "Love Me". I can't start trying to decide or I'll be here all night. Lol <3
I love The 1975 so much, especially Chocolate♥
@KarlythePanda66 HA! Maybe I should right another card..I love 70s music :)
i thought you were talking about the year!
oh no