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Come on, we all know that we've looked like this a time or two ;)

I cut out the context here to so as not to spoil, but if you want to know you can keep scrolling down to see the full panels!!!

Fairy Tail Manga spoilers ahead!

I just can't stop thinking about Gajeel's face in the second picture here XD I think it was two chapters after the first picture, but it's just so funny because that's TOTALLY what I look like when I realize that I said something out loud without realizing what I might have to face later!

It's okay Gajeel, we've all been there bro~

Been there last year 馃槀馃槓馃拃
@Nyan So hard when it happens hahahahah XD
@hikaymm ikr, near the end of 8th grade was so weird(I'm going to be a sophomore this year, but I'm not one yet so I'm a freshman still) and the friends of the girl where teasing me constantly until I told them I'd tease them about there crushes, coz mostly everyone knew who everyone liked
i love this so much馃槀
this is real too he confessed