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Oppa, on his travel back to Incheon Airport, wore a comfy outfit--- grey long-sleeved polo and white pair of shorts. You should rest oppa! :) credits to foto owners
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looks gud in nythng
4 years ago·Reply
He looks so fine ! even his legs look fuller now that he gained weight. oppa, please don't lose weight anymore !
4 years ago·Reply
He is amazing I missz bodyguard ahjussi thnx 4 cmng 2 gorgeous men tgthr ahjussi protecting my oppa love these 2 I love u oppa ❤😊
4 years ago·Reply
Oppa is smiling and tkng the presents and bodyguard ahjussi is like nooo Lols hehe 😝
4 years ago·Reply
looking handsome :)
4 years ago·Reply