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So I was do my usual sweep through the interweb when I discovered this - Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game. And I had only one thought: This is probably fake.

However, it couldn't be more real.

And since I know you guys appreciate a good WTF moment too, I've decided to spend a ridiculous amount of time reading up on exactly what the hell a Grey's Anatomy video game would be. Like, do you do surgeries? Do you cry a lot? Do you brush McDreamy's luxuriously thick hair?

No, seriously. What IS this?

In this game, which plays out in a single-player RPG form, your quests are - well - a little less Skyrim than you might expect.

And then randomly, you'll turn into someone else.

One scene, you're Sandra Oh's character, and in the next one, you're Katherine Heigl, traumatizing babies with your large, soulless eyes.

You also get to perform major surgeries with your Wii controller. Who said video games can't be educational?

And then you do other fun hospital things like insert catheters or inject steroids. (No, seriously. Why is this a game?)

And to make sure you don't forget that this is Grey's Anatomy, everyone is still super romantically involved with each other.

Hey, isn't this some sort of sexual harassment?
Anyway, this game is like a weird combination of the Sims and those impulse purchased used games you buy from the GameStop discount bin.

And just because I'm curious: Have any of you actually played this game before? Or maybe even own it?

I know you're out there. Let me know in the comments below. (Or just share what other horrible video game you brought home one day. Because everyone's got at least one.)
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@danidee sigh... ok
2 years ago·Reply
i wpuld probably buy this
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee LOVE YOU TO
2 years ago·Reply
Oh My God.. BORING! even for free I would say... Mmmm.. no thank you!
a year ago·Reply
@EdenLi Hahha you're not even a little bit curious?
a year ago·Reply