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Hey guys!
The summer anime season is underway :3 I plan to start watching some shows from the end of this week, and I'll be posting up cards as usual in my Anime Previews collection to give an idea of my initial impressions of the shows!

I want you to join me!!

If you're watching summer anime, why not try posting a preview card after the first episode or two?! Share what you're thinking & find others watching the show!
Here's a few examples of what I mean:

Here's the summer anime schedule!

If you write a preview card, tag me!

I'll clip it into my Summer 2016 Anime collection and my Anime Previews collection so more people can find it & enjoy the show, too!
Tagging people who have commented on my cards recently~
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@Mcboss that is the one I haven't seen but heard so much about
2 years ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward you should watch it it's pretty good but if you do watch it it's :haijime no ippo : then its champion road movie: then kimura Vs mashiba then moving on to new challenger and finally rising
2 years ago·Reply
all of that you can watch on kissanime
2 years ago·Reply
I just got done watching the first episode of orange, when I saw it on kissanime it was a very pleasant surprise, I loved the manga and I know there was plan for a live action but I didn't know that it was going to be an anime too.
2 years ago·Reply