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This is the second part to my first Fanfic I hope you guys like it
tick...tick...tick... just a couple seconds more. !DING! !DING! !DING! Homeroom is finally over its now 8:00 a.m and time to go to our 1st period I have P.E. (gym class) I made my way through the crowded hallway and it was a little overwhelming to see so many new faces all at once I was wishing to see a familiar face and I did. My friend Lexi was by the open space a few steps higher than the main hallways she waved at me from a distance and I felt relief at seeing her because she knew the school a lot better than I did. "What class do you have next?" she asked me as soon as I got to her because we only had 4 minutes left to get there "gym with Ms. Stith" I told her fearing I wouldn't have any friends from middle school in that class "REALLY!! me too" she said and I followed her as she yanked my wrist and ran. By the time we got there we immediately began to change into our gym clothes we had gotten mail sent home telling us our classes main locker and gym locker both came with a number and combination to be unlocked with they asked us to be prepared on the first day with athletic/comfortable clothes and shoes. As soon as we finished changing we left the locker rooms and went to the track to start our warm ups. Our teacher was nice and wrote instructions on a board inside the locker room so we would always no where to go and what to do for warm-ups. After finishing warm-ups on the track the teacher took roll call !HERE! was yelled after every one heard there name and then I heard it... "Baekhyun!? is there a Byun Baekhyun here today!?" the teacher called from the front 'Baekhyun... that the name of the guy from earlier' I thought to my self 'what if he's just wandering around the hallways like before he's probably okay right?' ughhhhhhhhhh snap out of it what do you care' !!HERE I'M HERE!! I heard a familiar voice yell I looked up and saw him running towards the rest of the class "w-wow it's him", "he's so handsome", "I-It really is true" all the girls were whispering amongst themselves "YA. Maria isn't he hot?!!" Lexi said excitedly while clinging to my arm and shaking me "He can be your future husband and his best friend Chan(yeol) can be mine!" my eyes opened wide "Husband?!? we only met once" I said in a innocent yet scared voice "You've talked to Baekhyun?" I heard someone from behind me ask "avoid eye contact" Lexi said before hiding into the rest of the class "YA! are you deaf? it's impolite not to look someone face to face while they are talking to you" hesitantly I turned around only to get pushed by some complete stranger she was pretty though to be honest "why were you talking to my boyfriend" she asked angrily 'boyfriend..? was she perhaps talking about baekhyun' I stood there. Quite. "YA!! Answer when I'm talking to you" she said furious this time as she raised her hand to slap me I shut my eyes hopping it wouldn't hurt too bad it felt like the longest 8 seconds of my life but why hadn't she hit me? I opened my eyes and saw baekhyun there holding the wrist that was about to hit me "I guess we're in this class together" he chuckled "am I always going to have to come to your rescue?" he asked playfully while looking at me direct face to face. I felt my face turn red and I think that girl noticed too "Oppa why are you talking to other girls behind my back?!?" she said in a whiny voice. Baekhyun's face became a little more serious "stop telling people were dating it's not true" he said and as we walk away right as the teacher came over to ask what was going on looking straight at me like if I had caused the problem 'how does he always manage to slip away'
did you guys like it? *please don't take without credit it's my story*
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