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Secret Garden is one of the CLASSIC K-dramas that every K-Drama fan needs to see.

It follows a stunt woman and a rich spoiled guy (typical) but it takes a turn for the weird when they accidentally switch bodies.

Here are 7 reasons to check out this drama if you haven't already!

Ha Ji Won plays a professional bad ass

Forget gender swap, this drama has BODY swap!

The love scenes are so precious.

Lee Jong Suk is sassy as hell.

There are lines that will make you actually LOL

The chemistry between the actors is INSANE

Every single kiss scene became a pop culture item in Korea.

The foam kiss? The sit-up kiss? Yep, all in this drama.

Who else loves this drama?!

The main actors do such a good job channeling each other. Laughed so hard. You forgot to mention Oska!!!
This was the second drama I've watched (first was city hunter~) and It was amazing! Ha ji won is my favorite actress πŸ‘Œ
Haha how funny! My mom and I started watching this drama for the 7th time!
I cry soooo much every single time I watch this drama!!!
one of my fave drama ever.. downloaded it a long time ago so i could watch it over and over again whenever i want to. without the body switching.. this drama is still awesome.
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