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I know quite a few of us like Re:Zero on here (AND I AM STILL LOVING IT) but I was wondering if anyone has watched the side shorts that went with the show!!

The first cour had a side short called Break Time!!!

Here's the first episode of it English subbed because I'm nice like that :P You can find it eng subbed on this channel on Youtube!

The second cour has a side short called Petit that just started!

Here's episode 1. You can find it on the same youtube channel!

Prepare for the chibi cuteness of Rem & Ram & Emilia & Puck & Beaty!!!!!

i hope subaru dies again soon, he's screwed up a lot in the last few episodes and he needs a redo
@hikaymm the newest episode was fantastic.
i hope not, but he needs to do something soon otherwise it's going to be too late to fix things
@AndrewWenstad Yeah i knkow XD I've read a lot of summaries of the LNs and let me just say its not gonna be aneasy ride -_-
Spioler: plus he has to save Rem