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Why Do Women Like Bad Boys So Much

James Dean, our dear Rebel Without a Cause.

He taught us that "bad boys" have feelings too, that they just need someone to help them kick their bad habits and if its the right girl, to fall in love.
These characters, be them in movies, music videos, or magazines, all make the "bod boy" image the most desirable. Making nice little girls dream of riding away on the back of some boy's motorcycle.

But is it true, do we really love bad boys?

One video explores this phenomena, asking women on the street if they prefer the smiley, happy guy or the edgy, moody one...


Apparently women tend to find moodier guys sexier and that can help fuel fantasies and make up the idea that women's dream guy is in fact a bad boy.

In reality, women tend to prefer a positive, reliable partner for a more long term relationship :D

Did anyone else fantasize or crush on 'bad boys' before? Do you still find that type attractive?

Eh, when I was way younger, maybe 12-15, the idea of The Bad Boy was mildly appealing, but I got over it. Maturity, perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‹ I know better now. I absolutely prefer intelligent, kind, funny types who are passionate about Something, whether it's music, art, anime, books, etc. There's just something so quietly sexy about a man with eyes that twinkle and smile while he's telling a story or talking about something he loves. I guess it just depends on what a person finds attractive, what they want to surround themselves with, and the kind of person they want to be around. The crazy thing I've learned, though: Your dude might look like the bad boy and be Your teddy bear: the nicest guy to ever walk the earth. Or he might look like the teddy bears and be an ass. Yeah, I'm with you, @Animaniafreak. I'm not into it, either. Cocky absolutely does Not equal sexy for me. To each their own... Yo, @Arellano1052! Have I told you today that you're awesome? ๐Ÿ˜ lmao
@AnimeLove300 as a straight man, even i like bad boys :p
Because they say the wrong things at the right time which than create an instant spark in women towards the bad boys.Well in the end it ain't gonna last.Rather be safe than sorry
Lmao You know, there's not much more I despise than a loud, cocky, arrogant, posturing, "you chase me", "rules don't apply to me" and "I get what I want, when I want it" person. It's one of the most pathetic displays I've seen and witnessed. Trust me, I understand the whole "fix you" thing. I understand the whole "She/He'll change for me." But I always know it'll end badly. People who know that's how a person feels about them and takes advantage of it/plays games like that disgust me and if it's not a game to you, but your default thought process, I truly feel sorry for you. It must be difficult to be such a c**ty person. Just a personal opinion ^>^ I'm in the completely opposite direction. I believe it's referred to as the "Nurturer Gene".
@YusufTulek seen enough bad boys around me to know I don't wanna be with one. The ones I said no to end up with my friends, let's just say they didn't end well.
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