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James Dean, our dear Rebel Without a Cause.

He taught us that "bad boys" have feelings too, that they just need someone to help them kick their bad habits and if its the right girl, to fall in love.
These characters, be them in movies, music videos, or magazines, all make the "bod boy" image the most desirable. Making nice little girls dream of riding away on the back of some boy's motorcycle.

But is it true, do we really love bad boys?

One video explores this phenomena, asking women on the street if they prefer the smiley, happy guy or the edgy, moody one...


Apparently women tend to find moodier guys sexier and that can help fuel fantasies and make up the idea that women's dream guy is in fact a bad boy.

In reality, women tend to prefer a positive, reliable partner for a more long term relationship :D

Did anyone else fantasize or crush on 'bad boys' before? Do you still find that type attractive?

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@SarahRegulski never does these days, w/ either with the good ones or the bad ones... (by the time you realize you have a good one, you've messed them up for good, and the bad ones were just killing time with you until someone better comes around)
@SarahRegulski ...ik, right?! 馃槀 ...even when the nice guy is waving big huge red warning flags...(thats when the girl wants the bad@$$), of course, when he starts to become the bad@$$, the girl wants Romeo back... No wonder they needed a difference engine to solve it... 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Another way of looking at it is this; "bad girls" & "territorial displays"; if the bad girl damages the once-good guy "properly", its like her "comfy chair"... Then when other girls look @ the comfy chair, like, "Gee, that chair *does* look comfy..." Bad girl then "sprays bad boy" allllllllll over it, like, "See!!! Dis s&i# here is mine, b$#鈧琱es!" (of course, good guy has to go through bad@$$ orientation, and that's a small eternity...) 馃槀
I'm not a bad boy. But sometimes, I walk on the grass when I'm not supposed to.