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I was tagged by @jinsprincess86, and couldn't wait to play. Sorry it's a bit naughty, but I can't help it... (play it here: Tagging the Storia crew: @MrsKyungil @VixenViVi @twistedPuppy @IsoldaPazo
Oye vey.. That deep voice and Ulzzang face of his must've seduced me. Ok. Well, That's one hell of a first. wowzers.
omgggg... my wrecker wrecker. That's what I get for being indecisive about Jae-Hoe. Waeee!!! *takes long cold shower*
Seems my #2 needed some one on one. But don't just leave.... seriously... call me. I need emotional affirmation here... ok fine... I'll find someone better then. *ugly sobs*
ASDFGHJKL MY BIASSSS!! Welll... His tastes are singular, his desires are unconventional. ... take me to your red room any day. *eyebrow wiggle* (omg my naughty is starting to show... >_>)
He BETTER!! After being in his "play room" He better not think of anyone else. (except Yijeong. That is acceptable lol)
Ok. sir. Back up, darlin. Just cause you got some frishity fresh doesn't mean you can keep coming back for more. We're over. Move on. *but I love you though... still ... go away... rude... no don't look at me that way.... omg stop.* *more ugly sobbing* (Someone come get him plz... he's being difficult)
Omg yassss... Pull my hair babe. Break those springs. Noona can take it. (omgggg this is so friggin naughty... idk if I should say these things but asdfghjll it's all your fault @MrsKyungil) *stares at a wall blankly bc ran out of ugly sobs*
omg bebe kitty Jeong Jeong decided he couldn't get me off his mind after all, and wants to be romantic and sweet now... well, ok... i guess You can join us in the play room then. Time for good cop - bad cop playtime. (omg I this is getting really close to 19+ ... )
Soooo... now you want me exclusively to yourself because you done went and fell in love. Well that's just peachy. This just got awkward. Ummm... sorry bb. You're precious and all, but I like rough. I like gentle sometimes too, but not all the time. I know someone perfect for you....
Well.... That was exhausting... annnnnnd now I feel like a History Hoe lol... but that was delightfully naughty... and really fun lol! Thanks for the game! ( I challenge @JiyongLeo to do this *winkeu*)
@MandyNoona yeah for sure lol I was going to do a oneshot Smut of them but stop myself.
@twistedPuppy omg everything about them screams that they ship themselves tooo... I started a fan fic... I'm slowly working on it as I get time to bang out a whole chapter at a time. ... I'll tag you if you'd like ^^
@twistedPuppy KyungJeong is my favorite ship ever. so lol... yeah... hahaha
expect Yijeong that is acceptable xD yes lol perfect lol
@MrsKyungil they do their job well! lol as do you! :D
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