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Oy, vey.

Proving your love for your spouse has reached new heights of absurdity.

The couple, 43-year-old housewife and her husband, 52, lives with their two daughters. On June 12th, the wife moved into her sister-in-law's house to find a new job.

Ten days later, the sister-in-law calls her brother to tell him that his wife had disappeared.

Obviously distraught, the husband repeatedly called his wife, but the calls went unanswered. He had also asked around with family friends and neighbors until he received a call from his wife crying, "Please don't kidnap me!"

The husband immediately phoned the local police station, which sent out a team of 10 police officers to rescue her.

Eventually, the rescue team was increased to 29 police officers. Preparing for the worst, the officers were fully armed as they conducted house-to-house investigations.
The police had been informed that the wife's ex brother-in-law lived in the area. They made several calls to his house, but each time the person on the other end of the line hung up. They started to investigate the area near his house...

It was then that they walked around the village, only to find the wife strolling casually along its streets, acting as if nothing had occurred.

Her former brother-in-law later explained that the wife had been in his home all along and had been repeatedly hanging up the phone whenever anybody called.

Huang was later questioned by police, in which she revealed that the whole kidnapping was entirely staged:

Police: Don't you know that everyone has been looking for you?
Wife: I do, I also know that the police were looking for me, but I didn't want you to find me, I thought that it was pretty fun.
Police: Does your husband not treat you well?
Wife: My husband treats me well most of the time, he won't even let me do the housework. Currently he has back problems, yet he still works and tries to subsidize his spending. We have not argued before.
Police: So what is your purpose behind doing this?
Wife: I just wanted to test him and see how much he loves me.

The wife was promptly detained for 10 days for her mischievous antics.

Psychology experts have noted that she is a perfect example of an "urban empty person," who leads a boring, monotonous and lonely life. He advises those who might suffer from this condition to do more outdoor activities and interact more with relatives and friends in order to relieve boredom and increase social interaction.

Would you ever do this to someone? What would you do if you found out your partner did this to you!?

nope, if I need to test their love then it's time to move on
Oh, that would piss me off so bad if somebody did that to me. >_<
Wow this is ridiculous. I would never do this. This was uncalled for.
No, once the police get involved, you have gone to far I say.
Unbelievable. Some people have no idea how good they truly have it, do they? Smh. Just ridiculous...
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