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I was so excited that Chanyeol's movie happened to be playing in Chicago while I was there. So @jerrilynnpop , @SarahVanDorn , @SweetDuella and I grabbed an Uber and off we went!
I thought @SarahVanDorn might die of excitement at some point. We ended up not being the only ones in the theater😿 but we still had fun. It was a great movie. I will definitely buy it when I can. I was stuck between @SarahVanDorn and @jerrilynnpope. I don't know who was fangirling more Sarah or my mom.
@KellOConner If you're still in Chicago it's laying through the 7th.
@LocoForJiyong they need to put in more than just a few cities Cuz it's not fair! if it wasn't playing when we were already there I prob wouldn't have seen it or if they only did it for the one day it came out.
@ammagrande Yea they have subtitles thankfully lol but I'm going to say I had fangirled way to hard because in the beginning I was screaming covering my mouth and ended up crying right when my channie showed up....and then his voice gaaaa....and near the end I cried again...I'm in too deep that I keep crying for my kidols lol
@ammagrande The one here in Chicago had subtitles.
Thank you!
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