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It was so good!!!!
I was so excited that Chanyeol's movie happened to be playing in Chicago while I was there. So @jerrilynnpop , @SarahVanDorn , @SweetDuella and I grabbed an Uber and off we went!
I thought @SarahVanDorn might die of excitement at some point. We ended up not being the only ones in the theater馃樋 but we still had fun. It was a great movie. I will definitely buy it when I can. I was stuck between @SarahVanDorn and @jerrilynnpope. I don't know who was fangirling more Sarah or my mom.
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@klpowell7813 Aww dang it but I'm not sadly.. plans changed and I was literally only up for the day of the concert we had to leave right after to go back to STL. I'll just have to wait and buy it, but thanks anyway!
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Tag me please !
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@aliahwhbmida adding now 馃槝
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Thank you!
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