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Authors note: Before you read this is the prologue we've been developing for the past couple months the story has changed a lot so I hope you are still interested in us ^_^ ~Hakin~ "Don't forget to call me when you're on your way back." My sister said walking out of the bathroom with a towel around her. I had only snuck by, but she caught me. "I won't." I grumbled trying to hurry past her. I don't have to call in. I'm not grown, but we're almost the same age, and she treats me like a child. "And make sure you take a shower." She lectured. Her wet hair was dripping on the floor, and I knew that meant that she had just rushed out. Not even giving herself the chance to dry herself a bit. "I'll take one in the morning." I said, obviously trying to leave out of the annoyance in my voice, as I was slightly clenched my teach trying not to yell at her. "No! It'll be cold in the morning. Take one at night."she pleaded, as she stepped out of the bathroom door and began dripping all over the cream color in the hallway. "I SAID I'll take one in the morning!" I stopped her mid step towards me with my outburst, but I just can't take her some days. Her light blue eyes shined back at me, as she was still pleading with me to listen to her, but I won't. "But hakin-!" I took off jumping of the stairwell, landing on the ground, and bolting out the door. My sister was so annoying. All she ever did was talk about how I should be careful. She needs to learn to live a bit, but nobody understands how it feels to be watched over with every little thing you do, and constantly reminding you to take your medicine, brush your teeth, don't forget you have a test coming up. Ever since our mom got sick, she became this way, and then when it was our dad, she just got even worse. I'm not a little kid anymore. I can make decisions for myself. She doesn't understand that though. She likes to smother me, and smother me, until I suffocate. I put my headphones in, the only reason I know what any of the words are saying is because I've been an otaku since I was 3 and watching Pokemon. Since then I decided to learn Japanese, and learn it I did. So now this jpop music is as clear to me as any other Japanese person. The night was pretty starry out, and the temperature wasn't so bad. It was getting closer to summer, and even closer to finals, and by close I mean like, tomorrow. Maybe she's right, I should be studying, but when my friend invited me to this party, and I just couldn't say no. Not when he told me this girl was going to be there. She's a lot younger than I am, but she's beautiful. But for some reason, she never really notices me. He better not be lying....ill kick his ass. I walked the next couple blocks down. The music being the only thing that can keep me company. After a few moments of walking I made it through the door and the party was as loud as ever. I didn't bother to take off my shoes. There were tons of people here. Their floor getting dirty was the last thing he should be worrying about. I looked around seeing a bunch of people. Some seemed to be using some kind of drug. Only Yusai could pull off a party like this. He's so spoiled. His dad is a judge, and his mom is a lawyer, if his house ever did get searched his parents could get him out of it. Most kids might feel lucky to be best friends with him and get invited to every party, but for a shut in otaku like me. Socializing with people is just way to much of a chore sometimes. "Hockey." Yusai called through the blaring music, holding a notorious red solo cup. "Don't call me that! It's just Hakin." I growled. He's been calling me that since we met. He's been calling me things that rhyme with my name every since: hickey, hiking, and now hockey. "Don't you think it's cute?" He asked, smiling playfully, before taking a sip of his cup. "No, stupid." I rolled my eyes." Why would I complain about it if I liked it?" Yusai shrugged." I don't know....playing hard to get maybe." "Baka." I said, and then laughed when he didn't understand." Anyways, where is she?" " she the one?" He said pointing at some random short girl. "What? No-" "Here." He said slamming a cold one into my chest. "Drink this until she looks like the one." He laughed. I feel like he's already a little tipsy. I'm guessing he lied then, and doesn't even know if she's even in the same area at the moment. He just used her as bate to get me to come out here with him. I opened the beer and headed out to the living room. Fucking ass I sipped my beer watching everyone else enjoy the party. Dancing, and occasionally sneaking off to one of Yusai's rooms. This blows, but why am I still here? I guess because I already took the time to walk all the way over here. "Hakin...." I heard a girl shrill as she jumped on top of me. The smell of beer and other alcohol hit my face. She's definitely too close. "Oi!" I said, surprised."Nan-" "You and your Anime talk." She giggled, started playing with my hair. I was ignoring her for a while, but she was sitting on me, and she was also pretty cute, but it would be pretty weird if I did anything to her. We have class early in the morning tomorrow. "You and you're normal civilian talk" I said, trying to keep my insults at a minimum. I didn't want to cause to much drama, because that meant I would cause attention to myself, and that means people will stare at me, and I hate when people stare at me. She slightly hit my arm." You sound like an alien." How could saying normal words make me sound like an alien? Is she already that waisted? I rolled my eyes." Only because you're drunk." I said taking a longer sip of my beer. She nudged me."Hakin, are you drunk yet?" She bit her lip bending her head down closer to my ear. "Huh?" She she whispered. "No Mira, how would I be? I just got here." I took another drink and she tipped my beer back, and I lunged forward coughing up a fit. "What the hell...." "Hurry up!" She whined." Don't you wanna be drunk with me?" She grabbed onto my shirt and pulled her chest against mine and kissed my neck. "Mira, stop sitting on me. You're heavy." I said and she laughed wrapping her arms around my neck. "Then you be top." Jesus, she's pissing me off.... "Fine." I said slamming her down on the couch and pouring the rest of my beer on her. "Drink up, you seem a little thirsty." People piss me off. I'm not playing these games with her. If it's her, i don't want to have that kind of relationship with her. Especially if she's drunk. What do I have to gain from this. She'll see me tomorrow and completely forget about me, or blame me for raping her. Whichever way she wanted to go with this. Mira starting screaming at me. " You asshole! Piece of shit, virgin!" Her frustrated screams overpowered the blaring music. "Hakin, buddy, what are you doing?"聽 A guy pulled me back. Why do people always do this? I'm not going to hit her. I'm just pissed and annoyed that she's harassing me. "Raymond fuck off man. Who named you chaperon?" I pulled my arm away from him. "Listen man, it's a party. Parties are meant to help people relax." Raymond held his hand up in defense. Mira ran over pulling out my shirt and shaking me." How dare you! Hakin! I hate you!" She pulled and started hitting my chest repeatedly." I hate you! I hate you!" So much for not making it weird between us. " two need to chill out." Raymond said walking in between us spreading his arms out to keep us at bay."Here, I got some cloud 9 to but you guys at ease." "Cloud 9?"聽 I questioned, forgetting all about my anger." What's that?" Raymond just smirked at me." I see you're interested." He turned back to Mira. "What about you? Do you want to hear about it too?" She was quiet, and slowly nodded her head." Good." He said taking a capsule out of his pocket. "This. Is cloud 9, it's a new and improved drug that is suppose to make people immune to this thing called pain. We people will never experience it ever again. Haven't you ever said I wish I didn't have to feel this way? So hollow inside. So lonely." Raymond looked back at me, straight in the eyes and said." Now you'll have the power to feel the way you should." "Isn't that what every drug does?" I asked skeptically. "Well what would you rather take? A Tylenol or Advil?" He asked. "They're both the same." I said "But Advil is better." Mira said Raymond nodded." You're both correct." He said holding a tablet out to Mira." They both do the same thing, but one is better, newer, more improved, and honestly if you can give it a chance...." Mira took the tablet."'ll Rock your world." Mira hesitated before popping the pill in her mouth and looking around for a beer to wash it down with. Raymond then turned to me and handed me one. "Here." He said." Try it." "Ah no thanks." I waved my hand, showing it away. " I'm not much for drugs, alcohol is more my cup of tea." "Come on." He said pushing it closer to me. "Yusai did it too. Don't you wanna be cool like your buddy?" My eyes widened. Yusai..... He's doing drugs? Since when, he never......does he even consider me a friend like I do, or am I just someone he likes to mess around with? I laughed." Me? Cool? I'm an otaku man.....I don't give a damn about being cool. You have your fun though. Ruin your body if you want.I'm sure if you ask nicely you'll get another one." I had to move through people, and would occasionally get bumped from people dancing, or just being Indecent all together, and finally I reached the kitchen. "Yusai!" I called remembering id seen him in here, and of course his face was being slammed against another girls while their tongues were playing with each other's like they haven't seen each other in three years. I cleared my throat trying to signal to him that I was in the room. "Ah, hacker. What's up? You want some food. There's some sushi there." He said pulling his lips away from his girlfriend's for those few seconds to great me. I shook my head. There was no way I was eating food from a place that was so indecent. "Nah, just another beer." "Help yourself." He mumbled, and his girlfriend was kissing his neck impatiently. Yusai means well but you can tell he really wanted me to leave. Then, she started to feel sick. She was gripping onto Yusai, sweating like crazy, and her cheeks were flushed." Baby, I know you're horny, but try to calm down. I'm talking." "What did she eat?" I asked. " She looks like she has a stomach bug." I said moving away from them. If she throws up, I don't want to be anywhere near that. "Hey, hang in there! Do you want some water?"聽聽 She gripped onto him tighter. Her nails were digging into his skin and he winced." Hey, stop that hurts!" Her breath hitched as her slow heaving breaths fell on Yusai's neck. Her mouth slightly opened wider and she moved closer to him. My eyes widened, is she going to..... A scream. Through out the house several people were screaming. The sound of shrieking also traveled through." Yusai, we should-" Then Yusai screamed. I turned over to see his fucking girlfriend pulling the flesh from his neck like a fucking animal.Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! No no no no no. Move away slowly....I grabbed a knife, my fingers slowly wrapping it self around the one on the counter. He glanced over at me the blood flowing out of his mouth, and dripping onto his girlfriend, who was eating away at him. The FUCK is wrong with her..... Yusai, he's an asshole sometimes, but that doesn't mean he deserves to die....what the hell did he do to her? I moved closer to the kitchen door. Yusai's eyes were just stuck. Staring at me now with a lifeless glare. I mouthed the words. "I'm sorry." And left out of the kitchen door. I had to leave him. I had to, no matter what happened she was going to kill him, or he was already dead, or he wouldn't have made it. Right? He's my friend. Shouldn't I have tried to help him? Could I have helped him? I scratched my ahead furiously. This is so fucked up right now! I looked around. It didn't seem like I was out of the woods yet. I needed to get home. I've seen enough anime to know what's coming next. This screeching noise started to come from the outside of the house, and once I heard that noise. I knew.....there was no way that I could go back for him.
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