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MJG: dont tell to anybody,dont say anything or she will die(to SH) SH: HS i will protect you,dont worry and wait alright!!!(shout in to the air) SH: lend me your mobile phone for a bit (to the friend) The friend: PSH!!! (to SH) SH: if I dont go that person will die (on the phone probably with atorney Cha) Atorney Cha: MJG is gona do something bad to PSH SH: where is that person(HS) (to MJG) MJG: that person is an obsticle to me and medicine to you(to SH) SH: so..o you killed her?(to MJG)
noooo !!!!
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@MasriDaniela dont be so shocked I believe she is still alive and MJG is just messing around with SH,because wasnt SH in the same close when he shouted that he will find HS, as when he met MJG?
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@ugsi i hope sooo it is happy ':' ending "-'
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I hope it's a happy ending as well as the couple deserves to be happy.... oh please give us a happy ending, only the bad deserves to be eliminated in this series.
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