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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae What: Pain, Love Chapter 7 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Jongdae's POV He hadn't even been at work for an hour before the woman at front desk called him out from the studio claiming some woman needed to speak to him. She knew Y/N so she would've said it was her if it was. He walked out anyway not expecting to see In Jong biting her nails anxiously and pacing the floor. "What do you want, Baekhyun isn't here?" he said roughly. "I know but he's why I'm here. Look I know I've been kind of an asshole sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend and all but I don't want her getting hurt." "What are you talking about?" he asked confused.. The very real worry on her face and the fact that he could actually hear it in her voice made him listen to her. Now worried himself he listened as she spoke, "I called Baekhyun this morning to try and find out why he walked out on me last night. I thought I did something wrong. When he answered the phone, he sounded drunk talking about how he hated Y/N so much and how he hated you for stealing her away from him." "I stole her away from him? That's rich. " "Jongdae please, I don't know what he's going to do to her. I don't want him doing anything stupid, can you please go stop him? He said he was going to go to her. He said he was gonna make her pay." "Make her pay for what?" "Sleeping with you." she said plainly. He asked her where Baekhyun was but she shrugged assuming that he would know where he might've gone considering they were friends. He tried to think, anywhere Y/N would be he would go and right now she was at the track. Jongdae turned to the front desk telling the receptionist behind it to tell his manager he'd be back, it was an emergency. He ran out before he could get a response from her. He was so relieved to see her in her suit walking from the locker room and heading to the garage to get her car. He wanted to punch him in his face when he was the small bruise against her neck; he couldn't believe he kept putting his hands on her. She didn't look as defeated as she did the night he slapped her though. She looked like she was really finished with Baekhyun, so when she told him to leave Baekhyun alone. When she told him, she wouldn't be any better than Baekhyun if she tried to make him pay for everything he did to her, he calmed down. She had a very good point and even he knew that cycle would never end if they kept going back and forth trying to destroy each other. That would only end up in them self-destructing together. She still loved him, it was still in her eyes but he wasn't the same man she loved. She'd seen him in his worst light and the more he tried to control her or make her pay for hurting him the worse he looked in her eyes. Every moment a little more and more Jongdae could see the love she had for him wearing from her eyes. She was done with him, done with fighting, done with crying, done with trying to understand why everything happened. She didn't care, she just wanted to be free of it. He had no choice but to acquiesce. "Life only moves forward Jongie... I can't afford to keep looking back." Those words spoke to him and he couldn't help but give her a slight smile, "You're beautiful." "So are you." she responded. That sweet laugh had made him kiss her softly and long. He wanted her to remember him on her lips so that anything Baekhyun further did she knew she had him. With that, he had to go back to work and was sent off with another quick kiss from her. He wasn't a fan of In Jong but he appreciated that she acknowledged she had wronged Y/N and that she had warned him that Baekhyun may try to hurt her. He didn't really want to leave her and he had a sinking feeling inside of him that something was going to happen. He tried to push it down while working on his songs in the studio. He sang with as much passion and heart as he did the day after they'd kissed. He poured his heart and soul into it hoping when she heard him sing that she'd know he was singing for her. He hit his high notes on point and it seemed like his words had hit everyone harder with the song him and Chanyeol had worked on together. He could've sworn he saw his managers eyes water up a bit. He couldn't wait for lunch to come so he could see her again and when Jongin asked where he was going he told him he was going to meet her. Jongin probably sensed his eagerness go see her so he backed off. When he'd picked her up for lunch though, she seemed a bit off. She had kissed him and gave him a smile but he could sense that something was off about her. He couldn't imagine that she'd drop this kind of news on him. The reason he had that sinking feeling meeting him after he'd left her. Baekhyun's POV After seeing her kissing him on her door step, Baekhyun's brain felt like it couldn't function properly. The jacket he loved so much, the gift she'd given him and saved up enough money just to see his face light up when he got, she burned it. That coupled with the reality that she was sucking face with Jongdae was driving him insane. He walked back to the car slamming his hands on his windows screaming curses until he'd fallen to his knees. He couldn't have lost her not after four days, he'd done some terrible things; he was a selfish bastard, he had a temper but he didn't want to believe he'd officially lost her. His beautiful Y/N wasn't his anymore. He had jumped into his car and went to the liquor store and bought a couple cases of beer. He parked a little ways away from the track and began to try and drink the sorrow away. He pushed away the pain, he wanted to feel numb, he was mirroring her actions from when he broke up with her. He was sure he wouldn't lose her, that after he had proven himself worthy of being a racer that she'd see him in a brighter light. Everyone would stop comparing him to her, they'd stop seeing him as someone beneath her. In truth, she was too good for him, he was the worst. He looked at the pictures of them together in his phone, the photo he took of them on the Ferris wheel as his contact photo for her. Her name for his contact set as Ladybug with a lady bug emoji by the title. He forgot why he gave her that nickname. Had he not been so drunk he could've recalled it. Their first date she'd worn a red dress with black dots and he called her a cute ladybug. She hated it but he used it when he wanted to flirt with her or piss her off, either way it worked. He smiled at the picture of her and him in the car together when the two of them took sort of a joy ride together through the night. The wind had blown their hair back and they were laughing at something, she had her hand covering her mouth, her eyes shut and her nose scrunched up in laughter. He didn't know why they were laughing but they looked happy. He sighed as he continued to torture his heart with the memories of hearing her call his name in the morning. That sweet giggle she gave him when she called him Bacon, the way she called his name in ecstasy. Every memory of her for the last two years he let rush back into his mind till he was furious. When he saw In Jung's number calling him up, he got furious that he ever slept with her. She had fed him all the right words to feed his ego, he'd slept with her for two months knowing damn well Y/N could sense their relationship shifting a bit. She had told him that he could be better, that all he needed to do was throw her off her game. He had fell for the magic words that came from her lips that helped aid him in ruining the best thing he'd ever had. He didn't deserve her in the first place but he still wanted her, he had spoken to In Jong in a drunken rage claiming he'd make Y/N pay for sleeping with Jongdae. He had made his way into the building heading for the lockerrooms when he saw her coming out. He rushed her calling her out of her name and claiming he hated her. Despite the rage he had, he hated the person he had turned into because of her. He broke down right there not being able to take what he'd done to her, what he'd done to them. Five days had passed and she'd just discarded him like he was nothing. It hurt even more to hear her explain how she was faithful to him when he wasn't, how she loved him but he'd hurt her so much. How selfish he'd been and it hurt him the most when she said she believed he was a good racer and that he was just too focused on meaningless words from people that didn't even know him to realize how good he actually was. It was like she had punched him in the face and it finally woke him up to the real monster he had allowed himself to become. Everything he'd done to hurt her she threw back in his face with venom laced on her lips until she came to the end or her speech, "You know- out of all the shitty things that have happened to me the one fact that is so plainly and obviously undeniable is that I didn't deserve someone as toxic as you." "Y/N." he said wanting to beg her to stop. It was killing him because he knew it was true. "You didn't deserve me Baekhyun and I damn sure didn't deserve you." Those were the last words she said before walking off. He knew she was right but hearing her say it out loud had destroyed him completely. It was more obvious than ever now. She was never coming back, he'd hurt her too much to repair the damage he'd done for the sake of winning a race. He thought no matter what he did to her she'd just come back to him because she loved him but he failed to account for the fact that she just as easily as he broke her heart, she could just as easily breaks his. She could decide to never come back and he hadn't thought about that. He hadn't thought any of it through he just acted on impulse and he basically screwed himself. Y/N's POV Jongdae had met you on the track and you were actually relieved that he hadn't come with the others this time. You had something to tell him and you weren't entirely sure how to. You hadn't said anything to your manager either, this was such a big decision to make. You greeted Jongdae with a kiss and as you hopped in his car to go for lunch you couldn't help but think back to what Yixing had offered you. *Y/N's flash back* "It's a bit of a proposition are you interested?" He said in a very charming manner. "Proposition? What kind of proposition?" You asked. "How would you like to join my company?" You laughed at him at first thinking he was joking but the smirk he held on his face made you realize he was serious. "Wait what? In just two days we're supposed to be racing each other and you're seriously asking me this now? What kind of game is this?" You said suspicious. "No game Y/N, you're an amazing driver and my company has been watching you for a while now. You're a rare little prize to find. Six consecutive wins in your rookie year is very impressive and for you to be this young that's a huge achievement." "I know." You said narrowing your eyes on him. He chuckled, his dimple showing again but you were too suspicious of his angle to be effected by it. "People love you Y/N, you're an exciting driver, you start controversy with that... let's go with confident attitude," You looked to the side with a smirk knowing he saw you as pretty cocky too, "plus I guess it helps that you're kind of cute." "Kind of?" you said feigning offense. He smiled, "My managers words not mine, cute is not a word I'd use to describe you." "I don't know if I should be flattered." you said annoyed. He couldn't stop himself from laughing, "You should, I think your pretty sexy. That's not the reason I sought you out though. Someone with your talent is better made as an ally rather than a rival." "If this offer is legit why am I not being approached by a manager, why my competition?" "The offer is real Y/N. I convinced my company to let me make you the pitch. They're a little aggressive in how they approach potential clients. I didn't want them scaring you away." "In other words, you thought you could charm me into coming to your side?" "You think I'm charming?" You rolled your eyes. "Look Sparrow is a large company which means we have multiple trainers and multiple tracks to race on. The track we're racing on Saturday is owned by my company. They're constantly making new ones all the time. I was there when you saw the track; I saw your face light up at it. The anticipation to race someone on it. The kind of enthusiasm and passion you have is what we're looking for. Come on Y/N, your company has done a pretty good job at getting you some good publicity but we could do so much more with you. This tiny little track isn't going to help you improve. We don't need an answer right away, just think about it okay? Here," He reached into his pocket and pulled out a card, "My manager's card, just incase you still don't believe this offer is legit." You took the card and looked at it, biting your lip. Honestly, it excited you that a company this big was scouting you out but you were still unsure. You sighed and said, "Even if I did say I wanted to join you I'm still under contract." "I know, we checked that and your contract is up for renewal in two months. So we'll be looking forward to hearing whether or not you'll be joining us." "What's the catch?" You asked. *End of Y/N's flash back* The car had stopped and you and Jongdae headed into a diner. You two were sitting near a window and your hands had been playing with the napkin in front of you. There had been silence between you two for a while, "Y/N is something wrong? Did something happen with Baekhyun after I left?" You looked up and gave him a smile shaking your head, this was weighing heavily on your mind. "Then what is it, I can see something is bothering you." he asked. You took in a long deep breath and exhaled before you said anything. "Um... Sometime after you left I was approached by a racer from Sparrow." "Really? Did they start trouble with you?" "On the contrary, he asked me to join his company." "Isn't that a good thing, I mean Sparrow is a big company, that's a pretty big deal." "Yeah it's great, it's a huge opportunity for me." "Then why do you seem like you're unhappy?" "Um... there's kind of this big condition, if I join the company I um." You hesitated, never had words been so hard to get out of your mouth. He put his hand on yours and gave you a smile. "Go on." He encouraged. "New racers in Sparrow are required to spend a year in training... in Shanghai." You said looking up at him. You felt your stomach twist when his hand slipped away from yours.
Hope this chapter was long enough for you guys. This story is coming to an end soon. I can't wait to start Mr. Sandman. Thanks for reading ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory
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