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:^) Welcome back. 5 days of this already, huh? And I SHALL CONTINUE UNTIL THE END. Lettuce see what's in store for today.
This day is super scary because I LIKE ALL THEIR SONGS WHY AM I SO INDECISIVE. So I checked the three songs I listen to most in my life... this is what came from it.
NalinA is a classic, and I believe the first actual music video I've seen from the boys. I searched for them and came up with NalinA. I liked it a lot, but stupid me just ended it there, so I had experienced Block B, but not gotten too in to them yet.
So Her... Her was the game changer. @TheEnlightment is responsible for turning me from a fan to a BBC. She showed me this music video, and I still have the song stuck in my head to this damn day. THE SONG IS SO CATCHY AND GREAT. It totally reflects their personalities and I adore it!
Toy. A newer song. I guess a sadder song. A really good song. The thing that stuck with me most since I first listened to it was the lyrics. The subliminal messages. I cri erytime. It's like hurting in a good way. ~~~ This concludes day 5 of this beautiful challenge! Stay tuned for tomorrow!
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now you're an even bigger fan than me I'd say, I'm proud of you little one ;>