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Anyone who knows Monsta X well will know that Wonho is the sweet, somewhat scaredy cat of the group. He has fears of heights as well as a few other minor fears that his group has tried to help him overcome. This is merely a fictional 'what-if' sort of mini tale.
As a friend of a Monsta X member, you often would do to concerts to support them, hang out with then when they had down time, and just love and support the hard working boys. However within the group, you weren't as close to Wonho because of his shy nature when off the stage. This would begin to change as you helped the group work to help Wonho be more ready to face and conquer his fears.
The group finally managed to convince Wonho to get a tattoo. It was something he could cover if he chickened out part way through, but mostly it would be a permanent reminder of how he overcame some of his fears. As the only person in the group with a tattoo, you helped coach Wonho on what to choose, what it would likely feel like, and what to bring to help him through the experience. He finally chose to do one of his favorite popular sayings - "at the end of hardship comes happiness". Then you swayed him from a rib tattoo and convinced him to get it on the side of his leg; reducing the likelihood of pain and allowing it to be in a place that could stayed covered up if need be. Once all that was set, he booked an appointment. The day came by quicker than anyone realized and the idol group and you headed to the parlor in support of Wonho. However it came as a surprise to all involved when he asked you to stay with him while he got the tattoo done to help keep him from not backing out partway through. Though slightly confused, you sat in the offered chair next to Wonho and held his outreached hand. As the tattoo began to take form, you offered constant encouragement in gentle murmurs while his team praised his bravery and how well it was coming out. Before long, the tattoo was done and you smiled along with him as he realized he'd made it through the event and had a tattoo he loved. Another surprise came when he hugged you and thanked you for the help and support through it all.
A few months later Wonho asked you to date him. By now it was not surprising. You spent more and more time together doing simple things - ordering ramen at restaurants, sitting in watching movies, jokingly dancing to all sorts of idol group songs, etc. After you had been a couple for a few years, however, Wonho managed to surprise you. He asked to get a couple tattoo with you. He admitted to having wanted to get one with you for a long time, but was scared that you two wouldn't last and you'd come to regret it. But he knew you were the one for him and he wanted to prove it with the permanence of ink. So you each got half of the yin-yang on your hands, in the area between thumb and forefinger; you got the black portion - yin - and he got the white - yang - because of what each symbolized. Now whenever you joined hands, there would be physical proof you were made to be together.
A few years later, you two have been engaged and just refer got married. Over the time dating and spent engaged, you merely grew closer with one another with the group's support and blessings always (and teasing sometimes). This time it came as no surprise when, after being newlyweds for a couple months that Wonho wanted to commemorate your next step in life with another tattoo. After teasing that he was addicted to them, you agreed. But his tattoo choice was a happy shock and brought tears to your eyes when he showed you the scrap paper with the design on it. Crying tears of joy, you smiled and kissed him, agreeing wholeheartedly with his choice. Time flew and you walked hand in hand into the parlor. You took turns getting the tattoo, partner holding the other's hand when getting the tattoo. Smiling and leaning into one another, you both showed off your new tattoos gracing your forearms to the group later that day. Their meaning forever cherished by both of you. Surely "I love you" and "I love you too" would be true for the rest of time for you both.
This is my second card ever and my first with a fictional story; and it is my first ever K-pop story. I hope you enjoyed my little sketched tattoo designs and the story that came with them~
haha, I love tattoos and am designing my next ones, so I am completely with you on that @LocoForJiyong glad you enjoyed it 😄
thanks! I appreciate that~ 😄 I was so nervous planning and then writing this ^^;
I love it ❤️
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