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So During my experience when I watched InuYasha I had alot of ships, Now this isn't all of them but Here are a feww
1st InuYasha x Kagome : It happens Yea I was fangirling alot
2nd Kouga x Kogome : WHY WHY Couldn't last Longer!!! -sigh- Sorry InuYasha
3rd Miroku x Sango : Yup YUP
4th Sesshomaru x Rin : Its a fatherly ship right?
5th Sesshomaru x Kagura : I Guess Yes
-These are Just my opinion Please no hate-
I actually ship kagome and Koga but I also ship her with inuyasha
@Yatosgirl nooo I would forever hate inuyasha if he had let that happen
KageTsuki040910 Well then your amazing for having multi-ships. @ben20 I cant help liking it now yes i know InuYasha and Kagome get married and other stuff But I still think it 'could' have happend.
yessss all except koga and kagome
I'm with you on that except for kouga x kagome plzz no just no 🙅