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Here are some quick fun facts about the members of AOA!


-Always dream to become a singer since she was a kid.
-In high school, she practice singing alone at night and went to auditions. Failed her auditions many times but she didn’t give up.
-Her parents opposed her dream to become a singer but then gave her the permission since she’s most likely to inherit from her mom who was majored in piano.
-Appeared in High School Musical as Gabriella.
-Have played guitar 3 years.


-Interested in music since young age
-Learned guitar, harmonica & piano
-At first she thought it was just a short language course, but then she actually went to Chinese language school for 2 years. From 2nd year of middle school to 1st year of high school
-Jimin’s desire to play music made her kept the secret from her parents about attending the Music School for a long time
-Jimin suffered from Carpal Tunnel syndrome and underwent surgery 3 years ago
-Jimin raps even in sleep
-Jimin likes rain.
-Jimin is a fan of Jay Park since high school.
-In 2011, her mom gave her a guitar as her birthday gift. The guitar named Mimi.
-Likes Lee Hyori, Brazilian band CSS, the British band The Tings Tings


-Played piano since she was 7 years old. Naturally developed the dream to become a singer
-She went to Seoul from Busan alone after getting consent from her parents. She stayed at her uncle’s, practiced singing and went to auditions. She also transferred to school in Seoul.
-Came to Seoul when she was 18 years old.
-Likes ballad tunes.
-Took a role on Summer Snow Musical in Japan.


-Her confidence developed after she become a cheerleader and promotional model in high school
-Competed in supermodel pageant until the 3rd preliminary round. There, FNC Ent casting director discovered her
-The girl in FTIsland’s I Wish music video
-Appeared on The Romantic & Idol season I
-Sometimes she does not even consider her image
-Hyejeong and her friends are sometimes silly
-Likes to wear shorts
-Likes to wear hoodie
-She likes stretching exercises and yoga
-She is the only member of AOA who is an only child


-Dream to become a singer ever since she saw Lee Junghyun’s ‘Wa’ stage
-Then her family move to Seoul, that’s when she grab her chance to be a singer
-She was a famous internet ulzzang
-She likes Math & Music.
-“Foods like chicken or pizza. I used to eat them a lot, but these days I can’t because I need to keep my body fit. If we shoot commercials for them, we can eat them a lot. How many can I eat? Um. I’ll try to eat 100.”
-Likes Japanese band Mr. Children.
-Mina is in charge of the laundry.
-Have played bass about 3 years.


-The girl in FTIsland’s Severely music video
-Played piano since childhood, she wanted to be a singer when she was in a (school) club band while learning dancing
-Before debut, she used braces
-People think that she looks like APink’s Naeun and Sistar’s Bora
-She wanted AOA to be the most influential idol
-As her friend recommended, she went to go for the Smart Uniform Model Contest and luckily she won it. There she met the current FNC Ent manager.
-She admitted in Arts High School


-Originally from Daegu, Gumi
-As a kid, she was a very active child. So her mum send her to dancing school. Her live changed ever since her mum introduced her to dance.
-Chanmi has everything on her bed, cotton pad, hair clips, diary, computer are all on her bed. She can watch movie while eating on her bed. Because of Chanmi have many things on her bed sometimes they fell onto Choa’s bed since Choa and Chanmi share a bunk bed together


-She was the former drummer of Sponge Band.
-She played the drums since she was in seventh grade.

What did I miss? What are some other fun facts about the members of AOA?


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I don't think a lot of people realize AOA stands for Ace of Angels.