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My favorite male character ever??? Well I think we have established this already xD
That would have to be Trafalgar Law from One Piece!!!
I love how he interacts with the Strawhats. With him so serious, its quite comical watching him deal with Luffy and the others antics.
Even though he can't handle all their stupid stunts at times, he considers them friends.
And this is my favorite male character of all time... just in case you were wondering.... which you probably weren't..... I'll just go now... @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon
i love the way law just goes with the flow of things when luffy screws up
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@DevilsSon ikr xD I feel the same lol
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Yes Trafalgar is seriously amazing!! @KurosakiJess would agree I think haha
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For sure! @LuffyNewman
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