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I KNOW YOU GUYS GOT LIKE A 100 NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT THIS CARD...I'M SORRY GUYS I'M ON VACATION SO I HAVE BAD NETWORK...ANYWAY HERE YOU GO~ I legit couldn't stop smiling through the whole broadcast...I thought I was going to be thinking about EXO showtime alas they kept me entertained enough to not think about the bittersweet memeories...
I know this was directed at Suho but this got me blushing like crazy...
I'm so pissed off cause I had to watch it on my phone sooooo I couldn't get any screenshots...*heol* I guess I'll have to wait 2 weeks for it...then I will be talking about Baekyeol outright flirting and Jongdae shaking what his momma gave... Credits!
P.S. he was wearing a shirt after all *sigh* such a tease...
I watched this, and I felt sorry for Chanyeol. He had to go through them all using their powers on him. Even his own power was used against him 😒😒
@EmilyPeacock Yesss i felt soooooooooo bad for Channyeol y they mess soooooooooo muchhhh with my baby lol i want to save him my poor Channyeol but i cdnt do anything except laugh yyy was it soo funny lol nd i have a feeling baekiii was behind it lol Omgeee
lol i love my boys soooooooooo muchhhh β€β€β€β€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ