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Epilogue! So it's finally finished. I thought I would be sad to see it end but I realized wait wait wait, I can continue with their adventure in Korea! I got a couple people who were interested and figured yes! I so am willing! lol So this may be the end to 'Fly Me Away!' BUT it isn't the end of the adventures of Arianna and Trinity! So I would stay tuned to that. And please let me know if you would like to continue being added to it! I'll gladly keep everyone on but I would like to double check! Plus I may be making a card asking which title to use for it. I'm inbetween a few titles but can't decide. Okay so now this part is done I will let you all get to the story!
“You two will have to take your seats. They are not the best but they are close to the exit so that you can just go through that door and come to the backstage after.” Suga explained when they got to the concert hall. “That’s fine” Trinity said. “Lead the way” She added. Once the guys sent them on their way they took their seats in the last row of a section right next to the door. Ari stared straight and realized she couldn’t see the back of the stage, than again it didn’t really matter to much if they could or not. “Why do we have pretty princesses in front of us?” Trinity questioned. Ari looked at the people and realized like 5 rows of people had headbands that had crowns that were lit up. “I want one!” Ari whined than looked at her. “Omg I want to get one for Kooki!” She said. “You think he would wear it?” she asked. “I don’t know but I must try!” Ari said before she set off to ask those girls where they got theirs. Ari asked the girl at the end and she directed her that they were sold in the lobby so she ran past Trinity and made her way to the lobby. Inside the lobby was crowded but somehow Ari managed to get to the merch line and get 2 headbands with crowns on them and a couple glow sticks. “What did you get?” Trinity asked when she got back. “Oh come on wear one with me right now!” Ari said putting one on her head and the other and Trinity’s. Just as she was doing that screaming erupted and they both turned to the stage just in time to see that, one they could see back stage, and Suga was there waving. Trinity raised her hand and than pointed at him. How he saw Ari would never know but all of a sudden he started to do a little dance and oh god Ari burst out laughing and had to bend over in 2 to keep herself under control. “They did it on purpose!” Ari told Trinity. “Oh yes he did” Trinity said. “Oh look there is another one!” “What are they doing?” Ari questioned as they started grabbing onto each other and than all of a sudden Suga was getting a piggy back ride. “That is epic!” Ari said just as the two disappeared. The concert started shortly after that and with all the hype of the crowd they couldn’t help but get into it and scream and yell along with the crowd. When they danced Ari couldn’t take her eyes off the stage, the bits that she could see had her wanting to fan herself, Trinity was past that she was going between shouting and holding onto her chest. By the time the show ended Ari was slap happy and Trinity was jumping off the walls. “Can we go in back now?” Trinity asked. “Can we leave now?” Ari questioned. “Nooo, look come on” Trinity said pulling onto her arm and dragging her. “The show isn’t over, they are still on stage” Ari pointed out. “And I’m sure they will remain but you want other’s following us?” Trinity pointed out. “No” Ari pouted. “Fine” she started to walk alongside Trinity. Rounding the corner of the exit they both made their way back to a door that led to the backstage. They waited for a good twenty minutes in the changing room the group was using and when they finally did come in each boy looked so exhausted. Ari and Trinity vacated seats and let them sit on the couches. “You guys were amazing tonight!” Trinity complimented them. “The vibe was rocking!” “ It really was good!” Ari chipped in. “You all seem really tired now” she added. Namjoon rolled his head to look over at her, the look said it all. “Your saying the obvious” Jin said. “No worries she does that a lot, ignore her” Trinity said. She was leaning her hip against one of the couches, close to Suga. Small talk was made for several moments before Trinity slid the headband crown on Suga’s face. “There, a fitting crown” She laughed. He looked at her and grinned. “It fits” he said like he was cinderella. “Who are you giving yours to?” Trinity questioned Ari. “Decisions” she mumbled. “Gimme” Kooki held out his hand. “Omo, you’ll wear it?” she questioned but didn’t give him an opportunity as she moved it off her head and quickly put it on his. “That is precious” Ari laughed. There was snickers coming from the others and than staff members came in. “Hi touch and photo op is starting” the woman said just as Ari started yawning like crazy. Her slap happy attitude came to an end with doing nothing. She stared at Trinity and than back at them. “Trin trin” She whispered. “I’m not leaving.” Trinity knew her to well. “You will drag me away and shove me into a wall before I’m compliable to that.” It made everyone laugh except Ari and Namjoon. “That’s fine.” Ari nodded. “I’ll leave you here. Um sorry to be the party pooper but no sleep is killing me officially now” She said. “Sleep here until we are back. Than I’ll take you to hotel” Namjoon said. “Awe!” A round went around the room. “Shut up” Namjoon said. He was blushing even as he spoke though. The guys left leaving Ari and Trinity by themselves. “I’m not joking though, and that couch looks comfy” Ari said as she sat down and than laid out. Trinity just laugh. “No no I’m following suit. I may have gotten more sleep on the plane but all that running around wore me out” Trinity said taking custody of the other couch and laying down. Within minutes they were both fast asleep. Ari woke up as she was being moved. She wasn’t sure what was happening or even how long she had been out for but apparently long enough for them to come back. Ari opened her eyes and spotted Trinity opposite of her leaning against Suga’s shoulder, it was than she noticed that her head was in someone’s lap and someone was petting her head. “How long have we been out?” Ari asked as she slowly moved so she could stare up and right at Namjoon who was looking down at her. “An hour” he shrugged. “Your still wearing the crown” Trinity said making Ari look over to see what she was talking about. Sure enough Kooki was still wearing the headband and J hope now sported the second one. “Kooki wouldn’t take his off but the other was passed around everyone. Someone else gave us a third one so Tae got one as well” Suga said. “I wish I could have seen that” Trinity sighed. “I’m sure people will post pictures of themselves with us.” Suga commented. “Are you two ready to go to your hotel?” Tae questioned. “Yea, we really should.” Ari said getting up off Namjoon than decided better and rested her head on his shoulder. “Let’s head out” Suga said. “We have a couple weeks off. Keep in contact and we’ll get together again” Namjoon said to Ari. “Definitely.” Ari nodded against his shoulder. “Let’s get you to your hotel before you fall asleep again” Namjoon chuckled. Ari and Trinity exited through the front of the building as to not walk out with the boys but they told them to meet them on the corner a street away so they could get a ride. “This was fun!” Trinity yawned. “You think they will really call?” she asked. “Considering they brought it up I’m sure” Ari nodded. When they exited there was a bunch of people still there waiting, probably for rides or to spot BTS. “Probably a good idea we meet them a couple streets away” Trinity said. “Do you want to see if they-” Just as Ari started to speak she saw the black van leaving the parking lot. “Nope they are gone” she said finishing her sentence. The two of them walked a little ways until they saw the van waiting for them and than walked over to it. The got the ride to the hotel with the boys and than they left after saying goodbye’s and how they would call. “This was a great start for our trip” Trinity said as they laid in beds. “It really was” Ari said with her eyes closed. “So do you have a crush on Suga or what?” She laughed half heartedly. “Well you and Namjoon were getting very close too” Trinity laugh. “Very true. Okay I’m about to fall asleep. Let’s go exploring tomorrow!” She said. “To exploring!” Trinity said. “ And you better not get us lost!” Trinity added making them both chuckle.
great job!
Looks like crushes are starting to emerge!😊 Can't wait for the adventure to continue! Yay to getting lost in Korea and getting to know the boys more!😆
@MaritessSison I love how your excited about getting lost in korea....but truth is I'd be scared bt have a good time lol...I can't wait for the next story
@SweetDuella Loved the story!! I loved reading it!! :3