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HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 11 of my Fanfic! Enjoy! :) I also wanted to let everyone know that I upload the next chapters on my WattPad first and then on Vingle the next day. So if anyone wants to read ahead, I will put down my WattPad Info below :)


JessWang90_ √√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√ Pairings: Reader X Jackson

Warning: Foul Language & SMUT!


Link----› Lets begin with the chapter!
Jeon Jungkook was standing right in front of my house. I couldn't help but stare in disbelief that this was actually happening. Before anyone saw, I pulled him inside in case photographers we're around. "Are you okay?" He says after coming inside my apartment "Y-yeah, I'll be fine. Just a little shocked to see you standing in front of my door! Especially being my date!" I say walking back and forth in front of him He chuckled "So my guess is Ariana didn't tell you I was your date" He says "No, she didn't say anything. The only thing she told me was not to freak out when I saw you. This is just so... Wow..crazy!" I say He chuckled again and walked towards me. He grabbed both sides of my shoulders and tried to calm me down. I took a breath and looked up at him. My God...he is much taller in person. We stood there looking at each other. He smiled which lead me to smile too. His hand running up and down my shoulders, not gonna lie, it was helping me calm down. "I'm surprised Jungkook" I say to him not breaking eye contact. "What do you mean?" He responds "I thought you would be very shy talking to me since I'm older. I've seen YouTube videos Kookie" I say chuckling He let go of my shoulders and grabbed the back of his head and chuckled. "So your older than me? That makes you my noona then?" He says nervously Oh my God, he looked so cute! "That's right Kookie, that makes me your noona" I respond back smiling I saw him blush a little. It was too cute. "Let's go sit shall we. I was waiting for you to get here so we can choose a movie to watch" I say walking towards the living room I motioned him to sit while I went to get the movies out so he can decide on what to watch. I came back with lots of movies and placed them on the table in front of him. He got down on his knees and started to look through them. After a few minutes he decided on Iron Man. I grabbed the movie and went to put inside the DVD player. Then I went to sit down next to him. It was nerve racking sitting next to my BTS bias. I wasn't going to let him know he was my bias..Hopefully Ariana didn't tell him either... Jungkook seemed to be getting comfortable because he was talking to me more. He asked me questions about myself, and if I was enjoying staying here in Korea. I told him I was and that this place is very beautiful. He also asked me about my parents. If I missed them, have I called them and so on. I told him I missed them alot but made my choice and that I didn't regret it at all. We then went back to watching the movie. I didn't realize but Jungkook had gotten closer to me. Our legs we're touching each other. I started to get really nervous. My heart racing. I turned around to look at him only to find out that he was already looking at me. I felt my breathing stop for a moment. Jungkook started leaning towards me getting closer and closer. I felt his hand on my thigh. I gasped at his sudden touch. Our faces we're now inches away from each other. I was struggling to breathe. My bias whom I thought I would never meet is now very close to my face. "Noona" He says only inches apart from my lips "Yes Jungkook" I respond looking at his lips "I'm gonna make you mine" He says and slams his lips on mine. I was shocked. Never in a million years did I ever think he had this side to him. He always seemed so shy around girls..or at least older girls. I was so wrong... Jungkook's hand went from my thighs to around my waist. He pulled me up and placed me on top of him. His hands went back to my thighs caressing them. I let out a groan at the slight of his touch. I couldn't believe this was happening. I am making out with Jeon Jungkook in my apartment! His lips went from my lips to my neck. His hands from my thighs to my ass. He gave my booty a slap and grabbed it. I moaned when he slapped it. His lips went trailing to my breasts. This was all too much to take in. But then my mind went to Jackson. "Ohmygod, I'm sorry Jungkook" I say getting up from him and moving aside I started to button up my shirt and fixing my hair. "You don't need to be sorry noona, I wanted this to happen. Couldn't help it...You are so damn attractive" He responded getting up and walking towards me biting his lip and smirking I started to walk backwards. He sounded too hot, it was making me horny but I couldn't give in to him. Not when I still had feeling for Jackson. "J-Jungkook, I never expected you to have this side to you" I say as I walked backwards. He smirked and licked his lips staring at me as if he wanted to devour me. "That's because I don't show it on camera...but once the camera is away, this side comes out" He replies "Ookay, well this side of you needs to be contained Kookie. J-just stop please" I say as my back hit the door He continued to come at me. "Don't act like you don't want this y/n. I know you do" He says I turned around quick to open the door so he can leave but he closed it. I felt his hot breath behind my ear. His other hand was on my waist. His body close to mine. I could feel his hard-on from his pants. It was making it so hard for me to contain myself. It was more hard since he was wearing leather pants. His shirt had fish nets coming from his arms. He looked so good I wanted to rip those clothes off him. (The gif I added at the top is the clothes he's wearing) "You may be my noona y/n...but I'm gonna make you scream oppa" He whispers in my ear (I got that saying from a picture I saw on vingle Lol) I closed my eyes and bit my lip from hearing those words come out from him. Lord help me with this kid.... He then started kissing my neck while he grinded behind me. His hand that was on my waist was now rubbing me from the front. It all felt too good..I let out a moan that just made his hard on grow. I could feel his hard on poking me from behind. Without even noticing, my hips started moving at the sensation of his hard on poking me and his fingers rubbing my clit. This was a bad idea on wearing leggings because even though his hand wasn't inside my leggings, I could feel everything. I gasped and lost it. My hormones beating me. I turned around and grabbed his face slamming my lips on his. He picked me up so that my legs were wrapped around him and carried me to the couch. I felt his arms...those strong arms of his was making me even weak. He was now on top of me on the couch. His hand made it inside my shirt feeling my nipples. I let out a moan as I continued to kiss him. He flipped us over so that now I was on top of him. I felt his hard on in his pants and I went wild. My head tilted back at the pleasure of grinding him. He moaned with pleasure. I took his shirt off and he took mine. I got off of him to take my leggings off and he took his pants off. I couldn't believe at the sight. "Like what you see?" He says smirking "I'm gonna wipe that smirk off your face Kookie" I respond as I got back on him. I slowly inserted myself on his hard on. We both moaned from the pleasure. I started moving up and down. "Sh-shit" He said tilting his head back in pleasure I went after his lips again. His hand went to my nipples. He sat up and started licking and sucking on them. He then picked me up and placed me on the couch. I laid their naked. He took one look at me, bit his lip, leaned down and whispered "Get ready to yell oppa y/n" and inserted himself making me scream of pleasure He was thrusting faster and faster looking for the spot to make me cum. "Ahh Jungkook! F-faster!" I yell out He thrusted faster and deeper in me. I was almost at my climax and I could tell he was too. He grabbed my thighs and squeezed them. I know for sure I will have marks on them the next day. He was still thrusting in me but almost near. "Arghh! Kookie..!" I yell out my back arching up from the couch "Almost there noona, almost their...shiiit!" He says gasping "Ooo yes! Yes! Right there Kookie!" I say He looked at me and slammed himself hard making me yelp. He hit my spot so hard I couldn't help but scream out his name. "That's not the name noona" He says while looking at me slamming himself in me harder I looked at him knowing what he wanted to hear. He smirked and licked his lips. He was now deeper in me. His head went backwards because of so much pleasure he was having. And then... With just one more hard slam inside "OOPA!" I yell out as I released myself He released as well right after I had yelled out oppa. We both laid there on the couch catching our breaths. He was was on top of me still but his face by my neck. After laying there for a few minutes, reality suddenly hit me. I just had sex with Jeon Jungkook.
My emotions we're all fucked up now. I didn't want this to happen...not at all. I laid their just thinking about what just happened. My thoughts going back to Jackson. How did I let this happen. I was weak. I can't control my hormones, not when I have a weak spot for guys in tight pants and leather pants. Kookie was one of them I couldn't control myself of. His group mate Jimin was another. I hope I don't bump into him any time soon, or I'm fucked even more. "Noona you okay?" Jungkook says breaking me out of my thoughts I turned my head around to see he was looking at me with concern. What the fuck, first he's all shy, then savage and sexual, now this...My God jungkook your killing me... "I'm fine jungkook, just tired and shocked is all" I respond "Shocked? What do you mean?" He says lifting am eyebrow "I mean, I never thought this would happen. You are one dangerous and mysterious person kookie. Who knew you had this side of you" I say He chuckled and removed a hair strand that was by my eyes. We both looked at each other, him biting his lip. He was about to kiss me but my phone had to break the moment up. We both got up and got dressed. After he was done, he sat down on the couch. I on the other hand grabbed my phone to see who texted me. It was Jackson. Jackson: Hey y/n sorry to bother you but can I borrow some milk? We ran out of some. I sighed. Me: Yeah sure, but you have to come get it yourself. Jackson: Sweet! I'll be right over in a sec. I placed my phone on the table and turned around to Jungkook. "I'm sorry about that, my neighbor needed some milk since they ran out and apparently is too lazy to go buy some." I say "It's okay noona, I should be heading home anyway. It's late maybe that's why he doesn't want to go buy milk" He responds chuckling "Really? What time is it?" I say going back to my phone to check the time. "Oh my God it's 2am! I'm so sorry Jungkook, I didn't even realiz-" "It's okay noona! Plus I had a good time with you and well we we're pretty busy to even notice the time" He says cutting me off and winking at me I giggled and walked him over to the door. He was standing behind me and before I opened the door, he grabbed me from the waist and whispered "I told you I was gonna make you scream oppa" And kissed my neck I shivered from his husky voice and touch. I opened the door with Jungkook still holding me from behind, both of us smiling. Once the door was wide opened, Jungkook turned me around to face him and kissed me. "Yahh Jungkook! Don't do that, someone may see us" I say as I playfully hit his chest "Someone already did" A familiar voice said I froze. I slowly turned around, my smile right away disappearing as soon as I saw Jackson standing in front of us staring at me. Oh fuck..

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