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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 2 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Y/N's POV You opened your eyes to the smell of food coming from downstairs. Junmyeon was passed out beside you in a black tank and his boxers while you were still naked. His hair was roughed up and untamed and his hands were pressed together, palm to palm while resting under his head. He looked cute and innocent but you knew what he really was. As you turned on you side, you grabbed your hips feeling the soreness: he was an monster. You tried to slip off the bed carefully so not to wake him but you lost your footing, falling to your knees. You sighed lightly, feeling like a new born deer with no control over your own legs. "What the hell are you doing on the ground?" You turned around to see him sitting, up his well toned arms somehow shinning in the light of the room. His eyes either closed or narrowed enough to look closed, his hand was rubbing away at one of his eyes until he put it down to look at you. His tank fitting him well but slightly pulled up above his smooth stomach. "It's your fault you beast." you barked lowly. He chuckled and leaned over to grab your arm and pull you up on the bed again. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek, "Why don't you ever ask for me?" he said trailing light kisses from your jaw to your neck. "What are you going on about?" "You know you could ask for my body anytime you want? I'd be more than happy to give you some relief." You rolled your eyes, you had your hands against his shoulders and tried to pry him off you but his lips continued to travel around your neck. You cursed your body for reacting to those soft lips gently laying kisses against your neck line. "Junmyeon contrary to what you might believe I'm not one of those-Fuck," your voice came to a whisper when his mouth reached your still naked breast. "What were you saying?" he grinned. "I don't want or need you Junmyeon, I'm only here because you keep threatening me." He flattened you on the bed getting on top of you. You looked up at him annoyed. You honestly couldn't bother with another round with him. Especially since the scent of food coming from downstairs not only meant Kyungsoo was awake but he was home. It made you wonder how the hell you were going to escape. Junmyeon gently grazed a finger over your lips feeling their softness, his eyes glittering as he looked down at you. His finger trailed down your body till it pushed between your folds. You released a moan and covered your own mouth. Junmyeon smiled, "I'm graciously telling you to take advantage of the opportunity to use me when ever you want and you're still being this mean? What if I made you scream while he was downstairs? Do you think he'd recognize that pretty voice of yours.?" Your eyes squeezed shut as you felt his finger move in and out of you curling up to add to the pleasure. You unconsciously lifted your legs and your hand grabbed onto his wanting to ask him to stop but your body had already lost its self; if he stopped now you'd lose your mind. Your other hand was ripped from your mouth and pinned to the bed. "What's my name baby girl?" You stubbornly bit down on your lip to keep quiet and he just smirked. He stuck a second finger inside you pushing in hard and he stopped moving them. You gasped, "Junmyeon!" He chuckled and you bit down on your lip again to keep quiet. A knock came at his door, "Hey Jun are you alone?" a voice came from behind the door. Your head turned to the door with wide eyes. You had caught the smirk on his face. He quickly grabbed your face turning your head to look at him. He leaned into you to whisper in your ear, "Time to behave baby girl. He better not hear you." You felt his fingers start moving again your eyes shut tighter again. He had recaptured your hand so you couldn't cover your mouth so you bit down harder on your lip. "Yeah I'm alone, I'm just not decent yet. What's up?" How the hell was he so calm? You breathing was erratic, and your heart was racing; you felt blood rush to your face, you felt twice as excited that you might be caught and at the same time scared out of your mind that you would fuck up and make a noise and he'd hear you. "Are you sure, I thought I heard someone." "Nope, no one but me Soo. Was that all you wanted?" he smiled down at you. "Yeah, I left some breakfast downstairs for you. You should eat it before it gets cold." While Kyungsoo was talking to him, he'd bent down to capture your lips his a hungry kiss. He sat up and said, "Will do." You saw him reach in his boxers and pull out his erection. Of course he'd be turned on by this. He started to stroke himself as he said, "Hey Kyungsoo." You looked at him like he was crazy. He was fingering you and jerking himself off while in conversation with Kyungsoo. He added a third finger when Kyungsoo responded to him. His hand picked up the pace inside you while he stroked himself. Your back arched and you bit down on your free hand's wrist begging yourself to not make a sound. "What are you doing today?" he said. "I'm hanging out with the guys today." "Oh and would you include Y/N as one of the guys." "Yeah." Kyungsoo said like it was obvious. "Oh really?" He chuckled looking down at you. Your eyes were tearing up, you were coming closer to losing yourself. His thumb pressed against your clit rubbing hard while his fingers continued to torture you. He leaned down to whisper in your ear. "Call me that cute name of yours." You shook your head not trusting yourself to say it low enough. He moved his hands out of you and instead pushed himself inside you. You bit down harder on your arm trying to muffle the sounds that were inevitably being released. "Jun you said you'd be nicer to her." Kyungsoo said. "Oh I've been very nice to her, more than she appreciates." He said rocking his hips into you. He buried his head into the crook of your neck. He whispered against your ear again. "Say it lowly baby girl or I swear I'll Fuck you so hard he'll hear you scream." "You've terrorized her for so long she's not going to trust you in just a few months." Kyungsoo responded during his whisper. "It was just harmless fun." He responded. You heard Kyungsoo laugh as if that was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever said. It honestly was, at the same time he did that Junmyeon bit your earlobe and you squeaked. He shook his head, "Say it." he whispered. "What was that Junmyeon?" Kyungsoo asked. "Just a video on my phone someone sent." He thrusted harder into you. He wanted to hear you say it and if you didn't you were going to get exposed. You wrapped your arms around him and whispered, "Junnie." in the most helpless voice ever, you barely recognized it as yours. "Listen I'm going to take a shower. I'm gonna call Y/N when I get out. I'll probably be out the entire day." Kyungsoo said just as you whispered the nickname. "Yeah sure." Junmyeon responded. His voice was starting to show signs of his pleasure. He had held it together enough to fool Kyungsoo but with his breath so close to you, you could tell he was getting closer. He started to rub you and you kept your voice back,your back arching as you neared your climax. He was still thrusting into you, now a bit more carefully. "It's okay baby, go ahead cum. Let me feel you let loose." You almost let out a moan but just as you hit the climax his mouth covered yours in a hot kiss muffling the sound and shutting you up. Not much longer after you, came his release and he emptied himself inside you. He lifted up off of you exhaling and pulling himself out of you. He didn't notice it at first and for a second neither did you till you covered your eyes. You were crying. He grabbed your arm to lift you up asking if you were okay but you pushed him away. Your hips still hurt but this was your only opportunity to get out. You grabbed your clothes putting them on as quickly as you could. Faltering a little, "Y/N I'm sorry." Junmyeon said, actual concern leaving his lips. His hands met your shoulders from behind but you pushed him away from you again. He had basically embarrassed you, he almost made you get caught. He almost risked you losing your friendship. You hated him but if you voiced it then you felt like he'd just threaten you with your secret again. "I won't do it again I'm sorry, talk to me baby." he said. There was very real regret and concern in his voice, he was aware he'd hurt you but he probably wouldn't understand why. You felt twice as shitty dressed up in that disgusting colored dress. "Y/N." he called your name softly one more time before you opened the door and slipped out of his room. The shower water was still running so you had time to get out without being seen. You walked downstairs wobbling a bit, your hips still kind of hurting. You made it out of the house and walked down the sidewalk feeling drained. You needed to cheer up quick before you saw Kyungsoo and the others. Junmyeon really pissed you off, he was even mocking your tomboy nature as he was fucking you. All you wanted to do was break something. You got back in the house immediately washing yourself clean. He thankfully didn't attack your neck rough enough to leave marks. He probably knew Kyungsoo would ask questions. The memory of his kisses, his fingers, his thrusts all of it was stuck in your head and Kyungsoo didn't even know it. You took a short nap before you were awakened by knocking at your door. You sat up looking at the clock, you were supposed to meet the boys half an hour ago. You thought Kyungsoo would call you but you realized you didn't have your phone. You cursed to yourself as you made your way to the door, you opened it seeing Tao and Lu Han standing there. "Yo! Wow Y/N did you just wake up or something?" Lu Han asked. "Yeah." You looked up to Tao and he gave you a little smile. He brushed your hair down with his hand, and you couldn't help but remember how comforting his hands petting your head was. You looked away from him shooing his hand away. "Where are the others?" You asked Lu Han. "Where do you think, they're waiting for you. Kyungsoo wanted to come but that girl he's dating showed up. I think her name was Gi." "Why didn't anyone call me?" you asked. "We all called you, only to find out Junmyeon had your phone." Tao answered. "Why did Junmyeon have my phone?" Lu Han shrugged and said, "He said you stopped by the house last night to see Kyungsoo and you probably left it there when he pissed you off." You sighed, "Alright so where's my phone?" "He wouldn't give it to us. He wanted to give it to you himself. Something about apologizing in person but Kyungsoo wouldn't let him come." Tao said. You really didn't want to see his face but you sighed and slipped your shoes on and headed out the door. You fixed your hair in your ponytail while walking in the middle of Tao and Lu Han. Lu Han was able to easily make you laugh and you were too exhausted to continue to act annoyed towards Tao. You laughed along with them both and laughed harder when Lu Han had bombed him out about breaking up with his girlfriend cause she was annoying as hell. Even Lu Han was annoyed by her neediness. The three of you arrived at your favorite hangout, a little skate park where normally propel your age hung at. You saw Yifan and Yixing sitting next to Kyungsoo and his girlfriend Gi. Along with them was Junmyeon and his other buddies Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Minseok. They seemed to be pretty engaged in whatever they were talking about. Junmyeon and Kyungsoo both looked over at you. Your heart jolted and began to race when Kyungsoo looked at you. Knowing what you had done with his brother was making you feel guilty. You could walk around and talk about how much you hated Junmyeon for the past four months knowing what you had let him do to your body but only now did you really feel the embarrassment of it. Kyungsoo waved you over, he had a stern look on his face and you got scared. Tao noticed the shift in your mood and bumped into you, "He's not that mad at you bugs." He whispered You chuckled at the nickname the group gave you. You walked over and made Lu Han and Tao sit next to you to protect you from his gaze. "Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?" Kyungsoo said. "Obviously not enough to pry yourself from your girlfriend's arms." Tao said as a joke to put you at ease. You smiled when you saw Kyungsoo glare at him. "Aish good grief man don't make it angry." Yixing said. Causing everyone to laugh, Kyungsoo smiled but his eyes still held that angry look in it like he was going to get you all back. "Sorry Squishy I didn't mean to." You said looking down using his other nickname. "Promise not to call me that in front of my girlfriend again and I'll forgive you." he said nearly embarrassed. You sighed with a bit of relief and everyone laughed. "I'm glad you're okay but could you please keep track of your phone? I'd be worried if something happened to you." "I know, I'm sorry I'll becareful, Eomma." you said further joking. Even Gi, laughed giving you a high five. Kyungsoo shook his head. "Y/N." You heard your name called and turned to Junmyeon who was looking at you with apologetic eyes. He must've asked Kyungsoo if he could tag along and having your phone would be the perfect excuse to convince Kyungsoo. He wanted him to be nice to you so seeing him actually apologize to you really helped his case. He reached his hand out to you, your cellphone in it and when you grabbed it he held on for a second longer than he needed to and looked you in the eyes. "Sorry for hurting you." You felt like he was apologizing for more than just this morning though. You just nodded and turned to your friends and you guys began talking and laughing. You were glad to be back in jeans and a hoodie, talking about really gross things, you liked Kyungsoo's girlfriend too. She laughed along at your behavior and didn't mind your tomboy nature, apparently she had a younger sister that was the same way. The guys teased that things would only get worse and you ended up punching each of them. All the while, you could feel Junmyeon's eyes on you even as he held his own conversation in the back ground. You couldn't forgive him for doing that to you but then again even your grudges didn't last forever when it came to your urges.
I was my smiling hardcore while reading this. My brother came over to see what I was smiling at... I NEVER EXITED OUT OF SOMETHING SO FAST! I went to my gallery & the 1st thing that popped up was a gif of Suho shirtless... HE SAID I HAVE PROBLEMS!
No lie as I'm reading this, the song House of Cards by BTS is playing on pandora in this instant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @kimbam94 and it totally goes with the story idk why πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ
I literally died at πŸ˜‚"You looked at him like he was crazy. He was fingering you and jerking himself off while in conversation with Kyungsoo." @kimnam94
@QueenLee it's okay we're pretty much all in this together. This fandom took us in and it'll never let us out might as well enjoy the stay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@BabydollBre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Can't wait for round 3.... I mean chapter 3 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I DO HAVE PROBLEMS!
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