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Part 3~

Yep, I saved a lot of these memes!

Well the owner seems a little dumb to me for doing that😂 but that's just rude of them to do to her😞
@NydiaEdwards right but I'm not even sure who is the real owner, maybe the 5sos fan just found the card somewhere or maybe it was actually hers 😕😂
@NydiaEdwards happened I think about month or so ago when this 5sos fan posted an image of a credit card on twitter so people could buy 5sos songs on iTunes but then a kpop fan saw the image and reposted it and captioned it "buy yourself something nice girlies" and so a lot of other kpop fans actually used the card to buy kpop merch, kcon tickets etc and some even bought super expensive items. When the police found out apparently they were going to arrest those who used the card and that's what the Memes are about. The real owner of the card was left with a huge debt and the hashtag kpop twitter is going to jail party started trending on twitter
Wait what's up with the jail thing?