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Big Hit Entertainment apologizes guys have you read the article. poor BTS have to apologize only cause a few songs were a little... how can i say it, sexy perhaps. I read the lyrics of their songs i find them all nice. what do you guys think that BTS songs are offensive or some sort? tell me what you guys thinkn
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I soon as I read it I roll my eyes and this got so mad its like tf do u want to hear the word b#$%# or hoe to feel better seriously no offense to american music but this it got me tired of hearing words like that in most songs and here is a talented group and all u do is step on them for singing "offensive words" like converse high war of hormone and miss right really after so long they bring it up I feel like all this is bull what next huh fire and save me in a few years those songs are going to be offensive too I smell pure haters out there smh
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Someone has their panties in a twist! Come on,really guys! They can not please everyone! I perfer their rapping over anything i have ever heard over here in america! Bts4life
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I seriously want to smack those two twitter haters! Go away..... Children! Let the adults enjoy their lyrics! Freaking babies!!! Ok sorry end of rant
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Yes Rap Monster's song Joke is kinda strong with its words. I personally don't find it offensive but it's was from his RM mixtape/album which was more of his rapper image, what he was before BTS. I personally don't fine any songs offensive and think people get upset to easily. Truely though some people go about life trying to find things to complain about.
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@SugaOnTop I agree my lovely Nabi...
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I don't find anything wrong with thier music I don't get it they didn't need to apologize
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