2 years ago500+ Views guys have you read the article. poor BTS have to apologize only cause a few songs were a little... how can i say it, sexy perhaps. I read the lyrics of their songs i find them all nice. what do you guys think that BTS songs are offensive or some sort? tell me what you guys thinkn
I dont think they should have apologized, there isnt anything wrong with their music. There are way worse songs out there, but thats just my opinion. 💁
I respect your opinion but music is a form of expression not everyone is gonna be happy but who are they to judge an aritst who wants to express themselves? If they don't like it they should just not listen to it. @CuteBabyLay
I respect them for apologizing but I did not find what they were saying offensive, it is not like they were degrading females like some artist do in their music
This is irritating! Nothing wrong was said! They really wanna start complaining? Ship them to America and force them to listen to our rappers. Even the female rappers talk shit like knock it off. Sorry now in heated
@XionHeart You said it Girl!!!
Excuse my language but those dumbass netizens were mad at songs that came out in 2014. It's fucking 2016, call tf down, shut tf up, and move on with your life. They need to be left alone to continue being the adorable fluff balls they are.
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