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D.O x OC Word Count: 1569
안녕 여러분~
All of the EXO members walked into the manager's office for a meeting; surprisingly the manager was happy about the tour that just ended. Half of the members looked like they were going to pass out from exhaustion since they haven't been able to sleep well the past few months during the tour and pre-tour, but Suho paid full attention as he was the leader of the group. D.O sat towards the middle next to the dreary-eyed Baekhyun.
D.O was startled when he heard his name mentioned: "Kyungsoo, you'll be performing a duet with FX's Krystal tomorrow. Have it memorized and show up at the studio at 8am. I'll send one of the other managers to drive you there." Kyungsoo hid his groan of disapproval while he just nodded his head.The manager gave out other mini-projects to the singers and dancers of the group: "Kai and'll be doing a dance battle with some of the boys in Bangtan. They're still relatively new compared to EXO and their popularity has been on the rise, so please do well. Baekhyun and Suho you'll be on Ryeowook's radio show next week. Make sure you are able to sing parts of the new song to showcase it." No one was really listening because they knew it would make it even more difficult to sleep at night. They all left the office and D.O skipped the dormitory to go to the practice rooms to rehearse the song. He knew the song, but since the other girls of F(x) wouldn't be performing with them, Krystal and D.O had to learn the other parts to cover for them. Sometimes D.O regrets not taking the academic route. He had done relatively well in school so he could've gotten into a good university and gone into business or something. Sometimes D.O didn't feel like he fit the "idol" image everyone wanted him to be. Would EXO be any different without him? He never felt like he was the favorite in the group from any of the fans. Baekhyun and Chen were good singers; surely they could've sung his parts. Suddenly D.O had the idea of following some of the Chinese members, but he just suppressed the thought. The manager woke him near 5am in the studio so D.O could get ready for the day: "Did you get much rest? Maybe this will be done quickly and we'll let you sleep again on the way back. But the head manager wants to meet with you this evening to discuss another event for you." D.O groggily nodded his head to show he understood. D.O saw Krystal in the studio and shyly waved to her. Truthfully they got along well since they both didn't prefer talking much. They could withstand the silence. They walked onto the temporary stage and D.O could see signs in the audience. Many were for Krystal since she was popular, but D.O spotted his own signs; He smiled timidly when he saw them. D.O was never the type to show his exhaustion so he sang on stage with all of his energy and then quickly laid down backstage once the song was over. "Kyungsoo-oppa, are you okay? You don't look too good." "I'm fine...I'm just really tir--" "D.O! D.O! They're wanting encore stage. Sing the title song of the newest album." The producer shoved D.O off the couch and to the makeup for a quick touch-up and then he walked onto stage, he put his heart smile on to make it seem like he slept a full 8 hours last night. "Hi everyone! As you know I am Exo's D.O. Has everyone heard 'Sing for You'? I'd like a fan to come up on stage for me to sing for."Suddenly the fans starting screaming even louder which was what D.O needed to stay awake. He wanted a fan to come on stage to give him something to focus on and not just shadows in the audience. The producer ran into the audience and chose one of the fans who looked like she may pass out herself -- probably from coming onto stage, not from exhaustion. "Hi.. I would like to sing for you." The audience thought his small pun was hilarious as the song started up.
D.O could see Krystal off on the side of the stage and thought she looked nervous. She probably thought D.O would pass out on stage, but he finished the song, shook the fan's hand, and walked back stage only to immediately sit on the floor. The producer scurried over to D.O and handed him a water bottle and put a wet towel on his neck and forehead. Times like this was when D.O deeply considered leaving EXO, but he would miss it too much. Krystal came up to him and tried to hoist him off the ground, but her effort didn't do much. " should get some rest. I know it must be tough to be the main vocal of a boy's group, but you should talk to Suho about letting you off on some activities." She tried to urge, but the manager came up to him.
"Okay...Kyungsoo let's get going. You can get some rest in the van and then the manager wants to meet with you to talk about the week's schedule." D.O nodded and followed behind. Krystal put her fists up and mouthed 'Fighting'. Once the van doors closed, D.O passed out and found himself in front of the office when he woke up. "D.O...I'm sorry, but you have to wake up." The driver insisted. He slowly rubbed his eyes like a child and stretched before he got out of the van. Suho was in the office as well -- probably to mediate. They both looked relaxed while D.O was seemingly a mess. All of the EXO member's schedules were put into one master calendar and were color coordinated. D.O was the light red color. Suho was the green color. Unsurprisingly the calendar was lit up green, but had lots of red in it as well. It looked like a Christmas tree. Most of Suho's activites were along the lines of meetings and radio talk shows, whereas D.O's were performances and showcases. Every so often he would have an acting gig that would make the "tree" inside out as it was predominately red. Although his eyes were almost watering from lack of sleep, he could sort of see the schedule. He felt very unprofessional as he leaned back in the chair, but had a face of plead to show that he couldn't help it. "Kyungsoo, we need to verify your schedule for the week. Tomorrow morning you're going to go do volunteer work. There are a lot of idols going. It will be televised so please make sure you look nice...not what you look like right now. Lay wanted to do this program as well so he will be going with you." "Do they really need 2 people from EXO?" D.O found himself rudely asking out loud. Suho laughed in embarrassment. "Ha...he's just wanting to know if...Lay really does want to go with him." The manager ignored it and moved on: "And also tomorrow everyone will be together to practice the new dance and the new song. It won't be released for a couple months, but Kai said it may take a while for some of the members to nail down, so we're getting started soon. Try to have the choreography memorized by Thursday. Speaking of Thursday we found you an acting gig. You'll be doing a supporting character in a new drama. The drama should be successful since Song Joong Ki will be in it. Please do well...and then this weekend you'll be meeting a fan." D.O was surprised to hear the last part. Meeting a fan? Why? Was everyone in EXO receiving someone that would shadow them or something? Suho answered his unspoken questions: "A fan wrote to the SM CEO and gave a story. She...has..or she had cancer. And she requested that she meet with you as a special fan." "Why me?" "She said that you were her favorite. So the CEO requested that your schedule would be cleared for the weekend so she could meet with you. So I suppose you have two options: meet with the fan or join the activities with the rest of EXO. Of course the meeting will be broadcasted knowing the CEO. EXO isn't doing too much over the weekend; it's individual practices. And you look like a mess right now, so maybe you should just rest this weekend." D.O was amazed that the fan had chosen him as her favorite so he wanted to meet her as a sort of gratitude for choosing him, but Suho was right. He looked and felt awful right now. "We'll need an answer tomorrow. Go to sleep. You'll have to wake early so Lay and you can get to the site early in the morning. It'll be an all day event. No sleeping during the filming..." The manager urged him. D.O immediately hopped up and bowed to them and rushed out. As tired as he was he ran to the dorm and jumped onto the bed. Kai looked at him awkwardly: " was Krystal?" D.O couldn't answer as he had already fallen asleep.
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