Soooo I saw this earlier......
I already had a lot of respect for NamJoon, but this.....
I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MORE NOW ❤ YES...I agree with him.
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⛔T H I S I S I M P O R T A N T⛔ you have no idea how much more respect i have for this man. what makes this most important to me is: he is ASIAN. think about this: hiphop was invented/created by african americans. yet, theres like very VERY little rappers out there that really express the art behind hiphop. and it took a Korean rapper (a Korean, no less) to really explain the purpose and creativity of the music. no doubt Namjoon is too underrated!! i love him so much for this and people need to stop sleeping on him and open their eyes to what hes trying to convey through his work
Rap Monster, You are a Wonderful Man! That's my Sweet Joonie. ❤️❤️❤️
I have nothing but respect for him