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What's up guys, John here. This might be a long card so prepare yourself. So apparently BTS Korean fans have been debating on Twitter about lyrics and a tweet made by BTS. Some fans have been persistent to BTS requesting that they should respond to the misogynistic tweet and lyrics. They have been using the Korean hashtag #BTS피드백을원합니다 which says #WeWantFeedbackFromBTS. Other fans are saying that the tweet and lyrics is no big deal.
The first complaint was made on May 22 by @bts_female_fan1, a BTS fan of 4 years who brought up the cases. She posted saying "I want BTS's feedback regarding the misogynistic tweet". Link to tweet here Following that tweet above she then posts another tweet saying many are defending BTS, and that she's being too sensitive. People responded to her tweet saying that's she's taking it too serious. She then goes on to say hat the expressions of special hierarchy, violence, and objectification may be problematic especially since many of BTS fans are young(teens and people in their twenties).
Since then fans have still been using the hashtag #WeWantBTSFeedback. to address Big Hit. Here is the tweet from Suga — from May 16, 2013 — and the lyrics that were brought into question: The Tweet, under fire for its aggression: Suga says, “I’m watching you all. If I catch you looking elsewhere, I’ll shoot you with my camera. ^^ With the corner. ^^ On the crown of your head ^^”. The tweet uses a play on the Korean word jjikda, a verb which can mean “take a picture” as well as “hit a point with an object; stick;") Link to tweet here Lyrics from the song “Joke” by Rap Monster, under fire for the implied sexual prejudice from the use of “gonorrhea”: “Yea, you’re the best woman, being bossy. You do so f**king well, being bossy. But now that I think about it, you were never the boss. Instead of boss I’ll say gonorrhea.” This is also wordplay, as the words for “being bossy” and “gonorrhea” are only different by one syllable. Lyrics from “Converse High,” under fire for objectification: “I like you. But don’t ever wear Converse lows.”
After continued requests from BTS fans, BigHit responded. On July 6, BigHit Entertainment posted on their official fan cafe: “We recognized the controversy about misogynistic lyrics in BTS’s songs at the end of 2015. After reviewing the lyrics, we found that some of them could be perceived as misogynistic, regardless of the intentions of the creator, and could make some people uncomfortable. “We also confirmed that some tweets posted by BTS prior to their debut could be offensive to women. “The agency as well as all of BTS feel very apologetic towards all the fans who have may have felt uncomfortable from any lyrics or social network posts, and we will take the criticisms and the points in questions into consideration for future works. “Through self review and discussion, we’ve learned that we can’t be free of societal prejudices and mistakes, as they are a part of each individual’s growth and experiences, things that are seen and learned in society. “We’ve also learned that defining a woman’s position or value in society from a man’s point of view could be wrong. “We feel heavily responsible for not being more careful with the production of BTS contents, and causing everyone so much worry. Please continue to watch BTS grow, and if you would continue to point out our shortcomings, we will continue to work hard, always listening to the words of our fans and society.”
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@AlittleJoy I feel the tweet, he was trying to be "manly" in a sense. You know how some guys are saying "Don't look anywhere else, only look at me" or "Only love me" stuff like that? I feel he was just trying to have everyone think of him as a man and not a kid. I honestly don't see a problem with that tweet. He was just trying to be clever in my opinion. As for RMs song, I feel he probably had some problems with a girl from a while back and was just expressing his anger and trying to be clever as well with lyrics. I don't see a problem with this as well. I think I read somewhere that "Run" was written during pre-debut when he was going through some stuff. (I'm not 100% sure on this and it could be false) Also here in America you see lyrics like this all the time and as people try to be clever with lyrics. As for the Converse High lyrics, I see no problem what so ever with it. Like are people really taking that lyric seriously as they're saying that they won't like a girl anymore if they wear a certain shoe? Like are you kidding me? Are people this gullible and would follow this to a "T"? Like the song is called Converse High of course they're going to say something about converse lows. It's just ridiculous to me that there is any problem with this what so ever. But these are just my opinions. I don't take things too seriously and don't divulge into lyrics this deeply (except for certain ones that peak my interest) but I feel this person and persons who back this one up are just being a tad sensitive and have yet to face the reality of things. It seems as if they haven't really "seen" the world and the people in it. People are going to say things you don't like, they're going to do things you don't agree with (opposed to murder, crimes etc.) but demanding an apology or feedback on something they did quite awhile ago is just ridiculous. I also feel as if this person just wants attention from the band just for their own pleasure. There's some people out there that just like to bring things up and cause a ruckus just because they can. I in no way mean to offend anyone, I'm just giving my opinions on this matter.
@AlittleJoy Apologies were NOT necessary for this. I mean can we all just take a minute and look at the timeline. BigHit apologized for something this stupid after 2YEARS of people askong for feedback about a TWEET FROM 2013!!!! PRE-DEBUT people! and I completely agree with you @EverieMisfit all yoongi was trying to do is act manly, that's it! he doesn't need to be bashed for it when EVERY MAN in history has one of those moments. As for Converse High and RM I just have nothing more to add on than what has been said in precious comments. Point is, before criticizing BTS, why don't you look at American music and tell me what you think of that before telling me Converse Low is misogynistic 😑😒
I'm surprised they copped up to it. I didn't know anything about the tweet but bts's really music and mvs did have problems when it came to how they talked about and portrayed women - there was all kinds of sexism, sexualization and objectification. I was always kind of bothered by it especially since I do like bts and I liked the sound of their earlier music.
It's 2016 some people are just too fucking sensitive. Like really have they done anything for their own lives? They shouldn't say anything if they don't like it especially if BTS is successful and they aren't
tbh I see nothing wrong