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Anime: Working!! This Girl is probably the only reason Why I watched Working!! Because she's Freakin adorable, Funny and is always picked on for being little by her fellow co-workers and her Junior Takanashi Souta. All in all She literally the heart and soul of the show and is always the one getting picked on for being short... Sometimes without realizing it she calls herself short, but other times she holds her tongue about it. She is probably one of the Cutest and funniest Characters I've seen in Anime. Did I Mention Some of the Hairstyles that Head Cook Sato Gives her are Hilarious? Anyway If you guys are Looking for a Funny Slice of Life Anime, You Really should Check this Show out!!! #WORKING #TaneshimaPopura #TheChiclet-sizedChief #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #MyMidget