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The Nervousness flowed throughout my body, if i made it today i would be apart of the brand new Jellyfish Entertainment group.
The other boy auditioning with me seemed as anxious, but we were ready to hear the results."Cha Hakyeon, Lee Hongbin, Han Sang Hyuk, Lee Jae-Hwan..." please,please,please let me make it, there are only two spots left..."Jung Taekwoon...." please! " and Kim Won-Sik, congratulations the six of you who's names were just called are now apart of Jellyfish's new boy group.
It took a few second for the realization to hit me, that i made it! I really made it! i sunk to the ground and let the stream of tears fall from my eyes. All the hard work....all the auditions have finally paid off.
The boys say an emotional goodbye to the other auditioners and they greet each other. Not long after Jellyfish Entertainments Ceo Hwang Se-Jun come into the room and introduces all six of us to our new manager, and leaves shortly afterward.
Since Cha Hakyeon was the oldest management made him the leader and from of our skill sets that we showed during auditions . Lee Hongbin is a Vocal, Han Sang- Hyuk is a dancer, Lee Jae-Hwan is the second lead in vocals, Jung Taekwoon is the first lead in vocals and i am the Rapper. The Manager told us we only had a few months of training before we debuted so we had to decide as a group what song we were going to make. The training however was no joke. We barely got any sleep and we had to live off of limited allowances. However they made sure to keep our promotionals going and when the time neared for our debut they dropped the teaser for our 'Super Hero' Music video. My nerves were on rack and we as a group were still getting used to each other. On the other hand i did grow closer with one member Taekwoon and that made since because we are roommates. " You ready?" i turn and see Taekwoon looking just as restless as i am "Yeah."
We all step onto the rising platforms and when we get on the actually stage more than a three-thousand people started to scream. We introduce our selves one by one and then it's my turn after Taekwoon. I take one breath and the whole world seems to slow down in that one moment "I am Ravi, Your Rapper." as if on cue the screams sound again and i couldn't help but smile because this is one of many achievements and i turned to see even Taekwoon smiling. And with a new burst of adrenaline we shout in unison " We are VIXX!" then started our first concert ever.
The screams from the fans was deafening.
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