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Minhyuk That Sexy one.
Okay so here goes for the Minhyuk team.Heres some pics! Hope you survived...Cause I sure didn't! Monsta X Team: @JohnEvans @VatcheeAfandi99 @PrettieeEmm @Vkookie47 @islodapazo Tagging My Monbebes: @NekoYoongi @P1B2Bear @jaime12213 @AlexAckerman @zionPerezFlower @ HayleyYetes @AlysonLR @ortizwendy17 @twistedpuppy @jasminep96 @Karlythepanda66 @JaxomB @loganpuppy @nancyMingyeon @Alittl .
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Oh he's so lovely
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Sorry to point this out but you misspelled @IsoldaPazo name.
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excuse me! I just wanna to say that lol
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@Sammie99522 Oh sorry.Thank you❤
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