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This is One Piece facts you might not have known about The Worst Generation. Of course, since they were in the last one, Luffy and Zoro will not be in this one. If you are curious about them, they are in the Strawhat edition of this. So sit back and enjoy.
Trafalgar Law the "Surgeon of Death". 1.) Law was 24 pre time skip and 26. 2.) He stands about 6'3" (holy cheese he's tall, but not the tallest on our list) 3.) At 26 years old, he is the youngest Shichibukai (or for the English readers/watchers, 7 warlord's of the sea). 4.) Laws wanted poster shows Bepo in the back ground, in the same way Usopp is in Luffys. 5.) In a resent fan poll, Law ranked 2 as the second most popular "One Piece" character. Taking Zoros long held position, and becoming the most popular non Strawhat in the history of the show. 6.) Laws least favorite food is bread, but it is unknown why. His dislike of bread is also shared byDonquixote Rosinante 7.) Law is the only known survivor of amber lead syndrome. 8.) Law and Robins back stories are very similar. Both are the only survivors of the counties, and both counties met their demise due to the World Government. Both had to become pirates at a young age in order to survive. 9.) Laws pirate sign is similar to Doflamingo, but refures to Corazon/Rocinante, who died with a smile on his face. 10.) Like a lot of the Worst Generation, Law is based of a real pirate. This pirate being Edward Low, an English pirate during the 1700s. He known for he cruelty, much like Law is in the "One Piece" universe. Trafalgar is the name of a cape in the south-west of Spain. Its name is Arabic in origin, meaning "Western Cape". It was the site of a famous naval battle between the British and the French/Spanish fleet during the Napoleonic Wars, dubbed the Battle of Trafalgar. London's landmark Trafalgar Square is named for the battle, as is a class of submarines in the British Royal Navy., may be a reference toWaterloo, the place in where, on 18 June 1815, was fought the final battleof the Napoleonic Wars which represented the ultimate defeat of Napoleon at the hands of the Seventh Coalition. The British commander at Waterloo, Arthur Wellesley, was the duke of Wellington. 11.) Law bounty increased from 200 million to 440 million during the time skip. 12.) Law comes from the North Blue. 13.) Law's hobbies are roaming and collecting anniversary coins.
Eustass "Captain" Kid. 1.) Kid, like Law is named after a famous pirate name William "Captain" Kidd. A Scottish pirate, which might also explain Kids bright red hair. His surname is taken from Eustace the Monk, another real life pirate. 2.) Kid is the only member of the Worst Generation who, before the time skip, had a higher bounty than Luffys. Luffys at the time being 300 million, while Kids was 315 million. The reason being that Kid did not care about civilian casualties or the loss of life. 3.) Kid is an outstanding height of 6'9", almost 6 inches taller than Law! 4.) Kid was 21 pre time skip and 23 post. 5.) Kid hails from the South Blue. 6.) Kids current bounty is 470 million. 7.) Kid is the only person, other than Luffy, to have another member of the of the crew in the Worst Generation. 8.) Kid's favorite food is cabbage rolls, and his least favorite is curry udon. 9.) Kid's hobbies are listening to music and collecting weapons.
Every ones least favorite character, Marshall D. Teach, A.K.A Blackbeard. 1.) Teach is the only know person to have more than one devil fruit ability. This includes the Yami Yami no mi (The Dark Dark Fruit) , and the Gura Gura no mi (The Tremor Tremor Fruit). 2.) Teach, as you can guess is based of the real Blackbeard, but what you might not have know is that if you take the last name of Whitebeard and Teachs name you get Edward Teach, the real Blackbeard's name. 3.) Teach was 38 before the time skip and 40 after. 4.) Teach comes in at a wopping 11'3½" tall. (Geez these guys are tall.) 5.) Teach is the only known person to serve as both a Shichibukai and later a Yonko. 6.) He is the only known Yonko to once serve under another Yonko's crew. 7.) In an early concept of Blackbeard. He was originally named Everything D. Teach.
Jewelry Bonney " The Glutton". 1.) Bonney is based of the pirate Anne Bonny. A female pirate Captain from Ireland. This was quite a feat, since it was considered bad luck for a woman to be on a ship, but some women dressed as men in order to become pirates. 2.) She was 22 before the time skip and 24 after. 3.) She comes in at a height of 5'8½" 4.) She has the current highest know bounty for a female character in One Piece. That bounty being 140 million. 5.) Bonney's favorite food is pizza Margherita, and her least favorite food is carrots. 6.) Bonney's hobbies are eating food and playing block stacking games.
"The Sea Roar" Scratchmen Apoo. 1.) Apoo's name is derived from real life Chinese pirate Chui A-poo. The name "Scratchmen" might be a reference to the act of scratching, a DJ technique in which sounds are manipulated by moving a vinyl record upon a turntable. 2.) Like the other members of the Longarm Tribe Apoo's appearance is based on a Japanese mythological monster called aTenaga whose most notable characteristics were long arms. 3.) He is the first member of the Longarm Tribe to appear in the series. He is also the only known member of the Longarm Tribe to have eaten a Devil Fruit. 4.) In both episodes 628 and 629 of the anime, Apoo's name is misspelled as "Scratcimen Apoo". 5.) Apoo's favorite food is tom yam soup, and his least favorite food is mayonnaise. 6.) Apoo's hobbies are disc jockeying and surfing. 7.) Apoo was 29 pre time skip and 31 after. 8.) Apoo is 8'5" in height. 9.) Apoos bounty went from 198 million to 350 million during the time skip.
Basil Hawkins "The Magician". 1.) Oda revealed in One Piece Color Walk 7 Tyrannosaurus that Hawkins was originally going to join the Shichibukai. 2.) Hawkins' name is derived from a real life pirate and a navigator. His given name came from Basil Ringrose, while his surname came from John Hawkins. Hawkins is also the protagonist of the famous pirate novel Treasure Island. 3.) In Japan, Hawkins' birthday, September 9th, is known as 'Fortune-telling Day' (占いの日, Uranai no Hi), a reference to his fortune-telling abilities. 4.) Hawkins' favorite food is fortune cookies, and his least favorite food is meat. 5.) Hawkins' hobbies are interior designing and taking baths. 6.) During the time skip Hawkins bounty went from 249 million to 320 million. 7.) Hawkins was 29 pre skip and 31 after. 8.) Hawkins stands 6'11".
"Red Flag" X Drake. 1.) He was 31 before time skip and 33 after. 2.) He has a great height of 7'8". 3.) He has a bounty of 222 million. 4.) In the line-up of the pirate ships owned by the Eleven Supernovas (excluding Luffy and Zoro's, as well as the Heart Pirate's Submarine) shown in the aftermath of theBattle of Marineford, there is what appears to be a Marine battleship with an inverted color scheme. Due to his former life and rank as a rear admiral in the Marines, X-Drake either captured this ship for his own purposes or used the inverted color scheme for his personal ship. 5.) Drake is the first person to be revealed to have eaten an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, when it's concept is first introduced. 6.) His name is based on real life privateer Sir Francis Drake. 7.) He was given two birthdays: one through an SBS (October 24th) and another in a databook (October 10th). 8.) Drake's favorite food is chicken rice, and his least favorite food is eggs. 9.) Drake's hobbies are being a reptile enthusiast and astrophysics.
"Mad Monk" Urouge. 1.) He was 45 before the time skip and 47 after. 2.) Urouge stands a ghastly 12'8¾". 3.) His bounty is 108 million. 4.) Urouge's name was derived from that of real-life 16th century Barbary pirate, Oruç Reis 5.) Urouge is from the Skyislands. 6.) Urouge's crew, the Fallen Monk Pirates, is the first pirate crew to come from an unnamed Sky Island to be introduced in the series and the only to be included in the top rookies. 7.) Urouge has the lowest bounty of the Supernovas. However, his number of "108" is seen as a mystical number in Eastern religion (similar to Zoro's 108 Pound Cannon attack). In particular the Japanese Buddhist believe that all men must resist 108 temptations before achieving Nirvana. In contrast, he is the oldest and tallest of the Supernovas, at age 47 and 388 cm. 8.) Urouge's favorite foods are azuki beans and pork, and his least favorite is vegetables. 9.) Urouge's hobbies are drinking liquor, engaging in love affairs, and climbing mountains.
Capone "Gang" Bege. 1.) He was 40 pre time skip and 42 after. 2.) He is 5'5" in heigh pre time skip, but is now about 5'11". 3.) Capones bounty went from 138 million to 300 million. 4.) He is named after the real life 1920's gangster, Alphonse "Al" Capone. His inspiration is both from Al Capone as well as the English privateer, William le Sauvage. He also shares his birthday with Al Capone, with them both being born on January 17. 5.) He is the only Supernova from the West Blue, the only one to not be voted one of the most popular characters in the 4th Poll of One Piece, and one of the two (along with X Drake) whose birthday was not revealed in SBS Volume 60 (it was revealed later on in SBS Volume 64. 6.) He was the shortest Supernova with a height of 166 cm (5'5") prior to the timeskip. In chapter 812, he is shown to now be slightly taller than Sanji, who stands 180 cm (5'11") tall. 7.) Bege's favorite foods are meatballs and tomatoes, and his least favorite food is tomato juice. 8.) Bege's hobbies are looking at paintings and playing board games.
And last but not least... Killer the "Massacre Soldier". 1.) Killer is one of only two members of the Worst Generation who are not captains, the other being Zoro. 2.) His bounty went from 162 million to 200 million. 3.) He was 25 before the time skip and 27 after. 4.) He has a height reaching 6'5". 5.) Killer's helmet has been noted to bear resemblance to the French musician Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's helmet fromDaft Punk. Daft Punk was made famous in Japan by their animated film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, during which time the duo were wearing outfits designed to make them look like robots. 7.) Killer eats with his mask on, and prefers food he can consume through the holes of his mask (stick-shaped or foods such as ramen). His meals have pasta as main every day and his favorite is Aglio e Olio. He also drinks alcohol through a straw. His stated preference for remaining masked while eating ascended from trivia to a known fact when he did just that in Chapter 793. 8.) Oda said he picked the name "Killer" out of sheer laziness; thus the name holds little to no meaning. It means that he is the only Supernova introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc whose name is not linked to a real life pirate or privateer and the only one of the group with no other meaning at all. 9.) His favorite food is peperoncino, and his least favorite is curry udon. 10.) Killer's hobbies are playing drums and cooking. @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon
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