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Day 4 Of The 100 Days Of Anime Challenge

Day 4: Who is you favorite female character?

I don't have much favorite female characters but I have to say, Eraza Scarlet is on of my first favorite female characters, so I chose her to talk about.

Eraza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

I chose her because I love her strong, bold personality. She is also like a big sister sometimes and a best friend. She is always bold in wearing all types of clothes. However the way she is so strong makes her my favorite character. She isn't the weak type that would back down so easily or get defeated so easily. So thats why I absolutely admire her too.

But that includes all of it today, hope u enjoyed it! See u on day 5 of this challenge.

Comment down below who your favorite female character you like?

As always u may check out @hanetama who is also doing this challenge ^_^.

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