I watched my first ever MADTOWN MV last night, and it only took that to make me think that I'm already in deep. It's similar to how I felt when I first got into Big Bang and that's my ULTIMATE group. I can only imagine how much I'll grow to love these boys. I can already tell they're underrated...
This is the MV that started this. In this one, 3 members caught my attention and I looked up their names! So my potential biases right now appear to be:
Jota! He's kind of the classic sexy guy from first glance... but he REALLY reminds me of Taeyang from Big Bang. It's the eyesmile...
also that body tho! Oh my god, thanks. Amirite? ;)
Also I hear he's a rapper... and I have a thing for rappers being a fan of hip hop myself. So that's a definite win on his part. Maybe he'll win my heart over.
(Honestly I love all the boys already, I can't wait to see more of them as I learn about the group.)
Next is H.O! He's the maknae and vocalist, lead vocals actually! *glances at Jungkook and Seungri* A pattern? He's ADORABLE! The cuteness is strong with this one for sure, and I LOVE his voice. But... apparently he also has a very impressive body.
They're all trying to make me faint I guess... well that's cool.
And the third candidate is... drumroll please... Buffy! In all honesty, he got my attention the most. I think he might win the bias title. I mean it helps that he's the LEAD RAPPER, but also... he's so ... pretty - while somehow still looking extremely manly. I love him blonde! SO MUCH!
I dunno about his body but those rapping skills, his voice, and HIS SMILE is enough for me. I sell my soul to Buffy.
(Really I think he's already the bias, can you tell?)
I just... I love them so much already, I smile like an idiot at gifs, pictures and videos of them. I physically cannot control it, I swear. Look at them! They're sexy, funny, and cute! LOVE THEM PLEASE!
My favorite song by them right now is OMGT because I honestly can't believe how extremely catchy the chorus is! Catchier than HER by Block B (and that's saying something in my book) it's floopin awesome! Also they all look amazing in the video, AMAZING.
(I haven't heard all the songs yet, or watched any live performances. Expect more cards for that honestly, I can't hold in all this love and excitement.)
Well now I'm officially part of this MADTOWN community... I hope I can find fans as crazy as me before I die from these boys.
Thanks for looking at my intro card? Is this an intro card? Not really, just the journey of what I'm sure will become an obsession. But it's all good.
Peace out yall!
@Vixxstarlight1 I'm falling deep. falling hard. falling fast. I'm scared but oh so excited
welcome to the dark side my child, I'll be here to support your path