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Wait for it.. . . .
BAM!! Yellow watermelon? Say it ain't so! At first glance it looks like I bought a bad melon. Yeah. I know but here's the twist.. I intentionally bought this bad boy!
See. The existence of this melon is intentional. I went to the Trader Joe's to buy some regular watermelon because it's summer. Watermelon is perfect during the summer. Especially here in Arizona! Well anyways, like I said, I bought this at trader joes. The cashier said they're not as sweet as a regular watermelon but still very tasty. But jokes on her! I know how to choose watermelon and I got a sweet one. Not sure if these are available anywhere else, but if you have a Trader Joe's near you, check it out.
It looks so wrong but tastes so right! What kinds of weird melon or fruits have you tried?
mix it in a bowl with pineapple and play fruit roulette
The yellow melons are usually the male (polinators), while the red are the females. Male varieties are historically bitter and inedible but have been recently bred for sweetness...hence their new "novelty" as of late. Watermelon is one of my most favorite things on Earth, no matter it's color - YUMMMMM!!♡
I love yellow watermelon. My grandparents had a huge farm and grew watermelon. My grandpa always grew one row of yellow melons because they were my mom's absolute favorite. I never cared about the color. If there was watermelon, I was eating it! :D lol I'm glad you enjoyed it!
@Animaniafreak @LittleAika @TakamiRen this one is pretty good. But from what it sounds like, mine could have been sweeter lol. It was still pretty juicy. I'm thinking the grower just picked them too soon or something
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