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Helps when I am having trouble setting up my tent.
Asks why I am alone. And because he is worried asks me to join them so I won't be lonely. I totally believe he would do something like that.
Introduces me to the rest of the guys.
Saves me a seat at the picnic and shares his food. I have seen him eat, I can't imagine him sharing with anyone lol
Sparks fly while gathering wood. Ummm NO!
Burns his hand while trying to start the fire and I put ice on it. Awww I am such a good noona.
Excited about roasting marshmallows and shares with me when my fell of the stick. I seriously have had that happen to me several times. Where was Sehun then?!?! 😹
Yep I can't bring myself to type this one. LOL Go do your own and figure it out. 🙈🙊
Fakes falling asleep so he can rest his head on me.
Gave me a hoodie because he thought I looked cold.
Insisted on sleeping next to me. Awww noona will protect you.
Waiting for me with coffee and breakfast. Awwww