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Hey guys! It's been 6 years since the couple confirmed their relationship. In September of 2013, the two publicly confirmed that they'd been dating for about 3 years. The now ex-couple met on the MBC show "Bouquet" back in 2010. So Yeon accomplished the dream of every fangirl. Supposedly, she was known to have been a fan of Click-B, and specifically Jong Hyuk.
Jong Hyuk's agency, DSP Media, stated on July 5th that, "It's true that Oh Jong Hyuk and So Yeon broke up recently. The label does not know the exact timing or reason, as it's their personal business." Though they stated that they are not certain of the cause of their split, many presume that it is due to So Yeon's busy overseas schedule.
Though the two have split, we wish them both much love and success, now and in their future.
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WOOHOO! Jong Hyuk is single. Oh I mean, "oh how sad that they broke up." Just kidding! I really wish them the best for a better future.
I don't want to be prudish or anything but I don't care about who's dating who or who broke up, I only cared because my friend used to be on here and gave out historical facts which I love but left for personal reasons from your staff. thank you -Simply
I know I said this in another card but still, please untag me