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Written by Erin Nicole Starring: Yongguk, Himchan, and Zelo Genre: Crime, Mystery. Warning: Mentions of Blood. If you haven't read the previous Chapters, I'd Recommend Reading them first before reading this chapter. Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Me and Himchan walk away from the house. "Please Don't shoot me! I promise I won't say Anything!" Shouts a Voice in the distance. "THAT'S ZELO!!!" Screams Himchan. "LET'S GO!!!" I scream. We Followed the sound of Zelo's voice. And we see One of the robbers standing on the Sidewalk Holding a gun up to Zelo's head. "LET HIM GO!!!" Screams Himchan. I run and Leap on Top of the man, and I pin him down to the ground. "ZELO, RUN!!!" I scream. Zelo stood there in shock and then Ran away. While I start to punch the man he starts screaming. "What's happening!?" screams the Robber. The Man Looks me Straight in the Eyes with Nothing but Terror. All of the sudden, The Policeman standing across the street Ran to us. And then Arrested the man. After they were gone, we just stood there. "Yongguk, what just happened?" Asked Himchan. "He didn't even fight back. He just looked at you with fear." Said Himchan. "None of that matters. As long as Zelo is okay." I said. "Come on, We've got to find the other robbers before they hurt someone else." I said. We walk to the Crime scene where the Robbery was held at an Old Bank. "Himchan, see if you can Find any traces of the Killers." I said. "Sure Thing." He said. Himchan and I part ways in the building to go look for Traces of the Killers. Himchan Walks up the stairs, and I walk to another Room. On the Other side of the Room, I find a dead Body lying on the Ground with a Sheet covering him. Meanwhile Himchan is upstairs and Sees Blood on the walls. Himchan starts looking around the room. "HIMCHAN!!!" I Screeched. "HOLD ON, YONGGUK, I'M COMING!!!" Screamed Himchan while Panicking. Himchan Ran downstairs as fast as he could. And he sees me on the Floor in a Panic. He Walks up the the body and Sees that's it's Me under the sheet with a Gun shot wound in my chest and Blood all over me. "No! It can't be You!" Himchan said in denial. "How could it possibly be you? You're right here!" He questioned me. "WHO ELSE IS IT, HIMCHAN!?!?" I asked while screaming at him As I'm Sitting on the Floor falling apart. "No...No...You're Not dead." I said to myself in Denial. As Tears are falling from my face, I Start dragging myself across the floor over to my dead body. I start shaking my Dead body by the Shoulders. "Wake Up!" I shouted. "WAKE UP!!!" I Screeched. "YONGGUK!!!" Himchan Interrupted. I Looked up at Himchan with tears in my eyes. Himchan doesn't say anything, he just looks at me with Compassion in his eyes, then he sighs and then hangs his head down. "That means...I'm dead too." said Himchan while trying to hold back tears. "No! You can't be dead, too!" I said to him in denial. "Think about it, Yongguk. If You're dead, How can I still see you?" Asked Himchan. After a few minutes of Processing what we had just discovered, I pick myself up from the floor. And at the Moment, all my sadness turns to Anger. I just stood there in silence as Himchan is still trying to cope. "They're Going down." I said to Himchan with Anger in my voice as I clench my Fist, and Storm out the Door.
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WAIT They're DEAD !!!???? 😱